The Best Movies on Netflix and Hulu for a Valentine’s Date Night

Quality movies are being made for streaming services that rival Hollywood, so there’s no real reason to fight the crowds this Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking for an intimate evening in, there are too many rom-coms and romantic movies to count. You can Netflix and Chill or Hulu and Hang with these love-inducing movies.

Netflix is the greatest source of diverse love stories you haven’t seen yet.

Always Be My Maybe: A story of the love that never quite happened, that finally happens after dealing with all of life’s challenges. How can you get a better rom-com than one with the comedy queen Ali Wong? 

Nappily Ever After: A woman’s hair transitions multiple times as she finds real love for herself. 

Alex Strangelove: A teenager with a serious girlfriend questions his sexual identity when he meets a fun, sweet boy from the other side of town. 

Blue Jay: Former high school sweethearts run into each other after 20 years in their hometown, leading to a soul-discovering conversation and connection. 

The Incredible Jessica James: A recently-single aspiring playwright meets another man dealing with a breakup. 

The Theory of Everything: Stephen Hawking before he was Stephen Hawking falls in love and then finds out he has a motor neuron disease. 

The Notebook: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams are star-crossed lovers who find their way back to each other. 

The Lobster: A quirky dystopian movie about a man who must find love within 45 days or be turned into an animal, decides to run from society, where he finds love. 

Like Water for Chocolate: A hot romance about forbidden love and the delectable cooking that comes out of it.


Hulu has a mix of classic and brand new romantic comedies and dramas.

When Harry Met Sally: A classic rom-com about long-term sexual tension between a man and a woman who are trying to stay “just friends.” 

Hitch: A professional “dating coach” tries to help a particularly helpless client land the girl of his dreams while finding his own. (Also on Netflix)

No Strings Attached: A friends-with-benefits agreement goes awry. 

A Star is Born: A tortured musical artist finds an undiscovered gem and falls in love, and her rising stardom combined with his devils make it hard to stay together. 

Punch Drunk Love: A strange, lonely man (Adam Sandler) who collects pudding cup points finds color in his life when he falls for a nice girl (Emily Watson). 

Pretty in Pink: An 80s classic about a high school social outcast (Molly Ringwald) who falls for a stud. 

If Beale Street Could Talk: Set in 1970s Harlem, a woman and her artist fiancé are living a passionate life until they are suddenly disrupted when he is wrongfully arrested. 

Plus One: Old friends make an agreement to be each other’s “plus one” for every wedding invite. Bet you can’t guess what happens next. 

Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen’s classic romance of, well, pride and prejudice, starring Keira Knightley and Mr. Darcy. 

If you’d rather binge a series, I recommend Outlander on Netflix or BBC’s Pride and Prejudice on Hulu. Cozy up and let the next episode roll.

Mariko is a high school English teacher who has three children, illegible handwriting and an obsession with mail-order artisan ice cream. She lives in Hawaii, but she makes a point to eat her way through big cities as often as she can.

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