17 Things That Happen When You Get Paid to Shop

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It’s that time again. You’ve racked up Cash Back at Ebates for in-store and online shopping, and we’re sending out a Big Fat Check with your name on it. You, my friend, are about to get paid to shop.

1. First, you get the email from Ebates letting you know the check has been signed and sealed.

2. You think, “Oh great! A little extra moolah to look forward to. Maybe I’ll take myself out to lunch this week. Maybe I’ll even get sour cream on my burrito this time. What the heck! Let’s splurge for guac!”

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3. Then you see the amount you’ve earned.

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4. You think, “That can’t be right. I mean, I don’t shop that much!”

5. Your thought is interrupted by the doorbell and the thud of a package on your porch.

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6. You remember all that shopping wasn’t just for you. You bought plenty of household essentials. Fido needed a new leash. The kids were busting out of their shoes.

7. You recall a lot of gift shopping for friends and family for holidays, birthdays and baby showers.

8. Thinking of all the good deeds you have done for others in the form of precious gifts reminds you that you are a caring and selfless individual.

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9. As a selfless individual, you think everyone should get Cash Back at Ebates. So you make it your mission to get your friends to join. In the meantime, you remain patient, waiting for your Big Fat Check to arrive.

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10. Then, before you know it, the check is in your hands.

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11. You take to the Internet to tell everyone!

12. You post a picture of your Big Fat Check on social media, being sure to include your referral link so you and your friends can earn a bonus once they complete their first purchase.

13. Your friends are in disbelief! How could you possibly get paid all that money to shop?

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14. Now that you have spread the Cash Back gospel, it’s time to make some plans for that Big Fat Check. Will you pay bills, put it in savings or…

15. Really treat yourself?

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16. After all, you can turn that Cash Back into even more Cash Back when you use it to shop through Ebates online and with In-Store Cash Back offers.

17. Whatever your plans, the moments of yearning for the Cash Back you’ve been earning while shopping through Ebates are behind you. Your Big Fat Check is finally in your hand. Indeed, dog days are over.

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We want to know all about how you plan to use your Big Fat Check! Post a picture on Facebook or Twitter and use #BigFatPlans for a chance to be featured in our gallery. Until next check time, happy shopping from all of us at Ebates!

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