These 6 Items Will Have the Worst Deals on Black Friday

I’ve covered how Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) will be impacted by COVID-19, and outlined some of the categories where you can expect the best deals this year, but what about the items you should avoid on Black Friday? You might expect that everything is on sale during the holiday, but that’s not the case. Here are six items that are discounted the least on black Friday.

1. Holiday decorations 

This one may seem like a given, but it’s an important mention as holiday decorations are one of the worst things to buy on Black Friday. It’s tempting to stock up on decorations you might need for the upcoming holiday season, but you’ll find the best deals if you can wait until just before Christmas and Hanukkah. Better yet, if you can get on a cycle of purchasing holiday decorations just after the season is over, you’ll save big. Last year, we needed a new tree and decided to wait until the holidays were over. Our patience saved us close to $200.

2. Fitness equipment

Around Black Friday, many people start to look ahead to the new year and decide that it’s time to get in shape. That rush to get fit can drive prices up on most exercise equipment and that’s during a normal year. COVID-19 caused a surge in home gyms and a shortage in equipment. Rogue Fitness, one of the largest equipment companies in the world, is just barely managing to catch up to demand and won’t be offering any Black Friday deals this year so they can focus on just meeting the needs of customers.

3. Toys

Toys rank as one of the things you should avoid buying on Black Friday. You’ll see the hottest toys advertised at seemingly great prices during the holiday, but you can often save even more if you wait a few weeks until just before the holidays. You’ll have to watch inventory closely though because you don’t want to wait too long. It’s a bit of a game, but if you play it correctly, you’ll save big.


4. Jewelry

Jewelry might be on your holiday shopping list, but if you can buy it at another time, it’s best to wait. Jewelry prices rise during the holiday season when shoppers are more likely to give it as a gift, and Black Friday is the start of the shopping spree. Proposals are also popular around the holiday season and the new year. You’ll find a couple deals here and there, but big ticket items will stay close to retail. It’s best to wait until just after the holidays to make your purchase, but that’s easier said than done. Don’t fall victim to this Black Friday mistake.

5. Vehicles

Black Friday is a terrible time to buy a car, despite the offers you’re going to see from dealers and manufacturers. Car prices get better the closer you actually get to the holidays, and car shopping on a holiday can help you save big. If you’re not looking for the newest model, you can score a great deal on the outgoing model year.

6. Winter sporting goods

If you’ve waited until Black Friday to grab some skis, a snowboard or other gear for winter fun, you’ll want to save your money until early spring. By now, most of the best deals on the previous year’s gear are long gone and you’ll be paying close to full price. During summer, bikes, kayaks, skateboards and virtually any other recreational equipment you can think of was sold out as people turned to the great outdoors to beat stress and get their exercise in. We’d expect this trend to continue through winter as people are going to need something to do after being cooped up indoors.

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