Five Tips to Protect Your Pet During Fireworks

We love to celebrate the summer holiday. but pets aren’t always on board. It’s a known fact that your furry friends get extra freaked during the festivities. A 2013 study by the University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences found that fireworks were the most common trigger for fearful behavior in dogs. Here are five tips on how to keep your pet calm during the holiday.

1. Stay Indoors

On firework-heavy days, it helps to keep your animal indoors. Experts also suggest using radio or television to help distract from the action going on outdoors. Better yet, consider leaving town to find a quieter spot or find a pet sitter who lives in a more rural or remote area.

2. Consult your vet about medications

There are many options that may help to cure your pet’s firework fear, including over-the-counter supplement melatonin, or pheromones, which are available via a spray, diffuser or a collar.

3. Try a vest or wrap

Look for wraps like the Thundershirt Anxiety Solution. Similar to an anxiety blanket, the wrap provides comforting pressure.


4. Take your pet on fun activities or give treats

Get your pet to become involved with something else. Or act as though you don’t recognize fearful behavior. Give treats and rewards to distract.

5. Lots of snuggles

One of the easiest options is to just cuddle your animal extra intensely during the fireworks. It’ll be easier for them to ignore the noise when they feel safe in your arms.

Whatever tip you try, make sure to have a safe and happy holiday. With a little awareness beforehand, you can help your beloved creature to feel a bit calmer in all of the craziness.

Andrea Kasprzak is a writer. She’s fascinated by the imagination, folklore and fantasy, the healing power of art, and finding magic in the mundane. Her playbook, Imagination Transforms Everything, is forthcoming this spring from Seal Press/Hachette Book Group.

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