7 Must-Have School Supplies for the 2018 School Year

We’re all about the bling, so it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of stocking up on supplies for a new school year. Finding back-to-school deals is easy with Ebates! Shop for school supplies for your kids, and find savings on locker accessories, backpacks and even basics like glue and pencils. Here, we’ve put together a few fun items that your kids will love showing off. You may even find a few things you want for your own office!

Unicorn Backpack With Flip Sequins

Flip sequins are the new velvet. You could spend all day brushing the sequins back and forth, making fun patterns to soothe your tactile needs.


Smencils seem to be the love child of Mr. Sketch markers and Lip Smackers — but they may be a better option for repeated inhaling. My personal favorite flavor is Jelly Donut, but I’ll try not to chew on it.

Magnetic Gold Locker Bin

If you’re lucky enough to have a locker of your own, why not spruce it up? This magnetic gold locker bin is super cute and functional, and there are plenty of matching pieces.

Bling Diamond Pen

Just try to use this pen without twirling it around like a show-off.


Claws Right There Sticky Notes

These sticky-note sets come in cats, dogs and my personal favorite, dinosaurs. I think I’ll be stealing some for the office.

Gel Yeah Pen Set

Bright gel pens win. It’s going to be hard to hold on to these pens, because suddenly everyone is going to want to “borrow” one.

Stoh Lunch Tote

This stylish bag is the perfect shape for stacking small containers, so you can carry your whole lunch upright.

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