6 Ways to Beat the Heat Without A/C

Summer is heating up, and if you’re without air conditioning or just looking for ways to beat the heat without A/C, we’ve got you covered. Below is a collection of creative ways to stay cool in summer that are easy, affordable and even free.

Create a draft

First things first, get those windows open on opposite sides of your home so you can create a draft. It may be counterintuitive to let warm air into your home, but air flow is what you want. When warm air moves it makes it feel cooler than it actually is. If you have ceiling fans, turn them on to circulate the warm air. If you have box fans that’s even better. Place a few throughout your home and position them to blow air out instead of in. You’ll be amazed how quickly things cool off.

Get creative with water

This trick is often used by kitchen crews. You take a shallow pan and fill it with ice and water. Then, position it in front of a fan and turn it on high. The fan will blow air over the cool water, which cools the air on its way to you. It’s a simple but creative trick if you’re trying to beat the heat this summer.

Try a cooling towel

If you find yourself without A/C, pick up an inexpensive cooling towel. It’s one of the best ways to beat the heat. This towel from Mission Max cools to 30 degrees below the average body temperature as soon as you add water. It’ll stay cool for up to two hours and then you’ll need to add a little more to keep it going. It also offers UPF 50 protection from the sun, so you can keep cool and prevent burns at the same time.

Spend time in your basement

One of the easiest ways to stay cool naturally without air conditioning is heading below ground level if your home has a basement. If not, the second best option is hanging out on your main floor as much as possible and trying out the fan method we mentioned earlier. Remember, heat travels up. 


Avoid cooking

The last thing you want to do if you’re trying to beat the summer heat without air conditioning is fire up your oven or stove. Why not check out Rakuten Dining and take your pick from more than 10,000 restaurants nationwide instead? You’ll save yourself some time, skip preparing a meal around a hot stove and earn 5% Cash Back at the same time.

Stay hydrated

One of the best and most simple tips for beating the heat without A/C is staying hydrated. When you drink enough water, your body is able to better regulate your overall temperature. This smart water bottle called HidrateSpark tracks your water consumption with a small sensor, which pairs to an app. It’s a simple and easy way to know you’re getting enough water throughout the day.

HidrateSpark Smart Water Bottle 20 oz.

I forgot to mention one of the easiest tips of all: shop with Rakuten. You can earn Cash Back and get everything you need without leaving your home and venturing out into the heat. If you haven’t signed up, it only takes a minute.

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