4 Easy Ways to Save on Back to School Clothes

Fresh outfits for the new year is a seasonal spending opportunity as expensive as Christmas, and the kids look forward to it, too. You’ll be glad to know that you can score amazing deals on back to school clothes shopping if you know where to look.

Take Inventory

Open up all the drawers and sift through the closet for your kids’ school clothes. Separate out clothes that are ill-fitting, worn through or have never been worn. Based on the clothes you have, what sizes fit and what do you need? What seasons do you need to buy for and what items are running low? Try to reimagine outfits for new wearing: if you add a jacket to that summer dress, you can wear it in the early fall. High-water jeans can be made into shorts or t-shirts that are fading can become wear for physical education class. Once you’ve made your list, plan to stick to it.

Donate Your Clothes for a Discount

When you bring your used threads, some stores offer a discount off your next shopping trip. H&M gives 15% off for any used clothing and Levi’s will give a discount on jeans if you bring in your denim. Specialty stores like Patagonia and Madewell will offer you value for your previous purchases, too.

Shop on Tax-Free Weekends

Peruse the calendar to see if you can save on sales tax for some or all of your school clothes shopping and supplies.


Look for Stacking Discounts

Always head to the clearance area first for cheap back to school clothes. In-store sales are usually on weekends, but on Tuesdays many stores start moving items to clearance racks. If you’re shopping online, don’t be shy about trying multiple coupons. Online retailers will often let you use a dollar amount discount on top of a percentage discount. When shopping in-store, stack discount coupons to save even more on your clearance purchases. You can easily get these offers in emails when you sign up for store newsletters.

Find Savings on Gift Cards

Once you know what you are going to buy, jump on Raise.com and purchase discounted gift cards to make your purchase. Many apparel store gift cards offer 9% or more off the purchase price, in addition to the Cash Back you’ll earn with Ebates. That’s an easy 10% or more off!

Shop with Ebates when you look for clothes for back-to-school at almost any store. Simply use the Cash Back button when you shop online or use an in-store Cash Back offer. If you haven’t joined yet (what are you waiting for!), you’ll get a $10 Welcome Bonus just for spending at least $25 at one or more stores. 

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