5 Ways to Incorporate Spring Trends Into Your Home Decor

Out with winter, in with spring – for home decor, that is. It’s time to brighten up your home with spring trends you’ll love so much, you might want to keep them all year long. These home decor ideas are easy on your wallet while making your home look like a million bucks. Take a look.

Reframe and re-upholster

An alternative to replacing your artwork is replacing your artwork’s frame. For spring, go with brighter-colored frames or something metallic like gold or silver to liven up the room. If you don’t want to purchase a new frame, consider painting or spray-painting your current frames to achieve a new look. 

For a nice change of vibes, re-upholster your chairs, love seats and couches. Stop by the fabric store to find the right material in the right colors and print for your taste. Choose a statement furniture piece to upholster every season or use this as an opportunity to create a statement piece!

Colorful home accents

New fabric and material can transform the look and feel of your home. Opt for colorful rugs, sheer curtains in fun pastel shades and linen bedding that will be cooling in the warmer months. Update your throw pillows with new textures, patterns and colors, and put a new spin on your lampshades with fun prints and new designs. For something bold, jewel-tone statements will make your home pop.


Acrylic furniture

Whether it’s a side table, coffee table or shelf, there are affordable ways to upgrade your furniture into a style that will work year-round. Clear handbags are seen on runways and on the streets. The home decor equivalent is acrylic furniture, which is especially great for smaller spaces because the transparent material makes any room look less crowded.

Accent wall

An accent wall comes in many forms. To add some nature to a room, build a vertical garden on an open wall and fill it with succulents, flowers or your favorite plants. Find fun wallpaper or a bold paint color to splash some patterns or a beautiful hue on an otherwise dull wall. Dedicate one wall to photos, artwork and more in a Tetris-like display of frames. The possibilities are endless.

Coffee table book overhaul

Are your coffee table books a bit outdated? Pick up some of the most popular new reads to scatter across your tabletop or place neatly in your designated coffee table book tray. We’re currently fans of “The Book of Questions,” “Leaf Supply: A Guide to Keeping House Plants Happy,” “Explorer: Beaches, Islands & Coasts,” “Hideouts: Grand Vacations in Tiny Getaways,” “The Dogist” and “In the Company of Women.” 

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