What Your Bridal Shoes Say About You

Blame Cinderella, but there’s no denying it: There’s something decidedly fantastical about wedding-day footwear. Your gown may steal the show, but it’s your wedding shoes that reveal your true colors. From a comfortable wedge to a serious stiletto, here’s the message your bridal shoes are sending out into the world.

“Fashion is my first love forever.”

Who cares if you can barely see your heels beneath your dress? You’d know — and die — if you didn’t do it up designer from head to toe. Fashion is more than fun to you — it’s your identity. And comfort means nothing where style is concerned.

“I look for a bit of magic in everything.”

From ruby slippers to your beloved first pair of jelly heels, footwear has a storybook quality for you. You’d never even dream of slipping into a standard pair of white or cream heels on your big day. Keep the whimsical vibes alive with these sparkling flats. Demure yet daring, they add the right bit of charm and shimmer to any gown.

“This is my ultimate princess moment.”

You’ve dreamed of this day your entire life and you aren’t afraid to go all out — the big gown, the traditional jewels and the beautiful shoe. These rhinestone-covered sling-back heels fit the bill for your big moment.

“I basically want to be barefoot, except more glam.”

In an ideal world, you’d get married in your bathing suit. You loathe hair brushes, barely can be bothered to take off your leggings and would rather be on a beach than in a shopping mall. Keep it casual yet polished with these simple flats.

“I move to my own drumbeat.”

A traditional pump is the sartorial equivalent of the snooze button for you. You want a shoe that stands out yet still makes sense for the occasion. These boots are fun and fashion-forward, not to mention easy to dance in.

“I still want to be comfy on my wedding day.”

The last thing you want on the day you’ve been dreaming of is a blister. You deserve happiness and comfort from the moment you walk down the aisle to the final song of your reception. If your dress is long enough to hide your feet, then who cares if your footwear is not considered “traditional”?


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