Win a HP Desktop Computer!

Our friends at HP are giving one lucky Ebates fan a powerful new desktop computer to help make 2014 a tech savvy year. The adjustable 23 inch HD screen is designed to work and play the most natural way, the responsive 10-point touchscreen lets you get the most out of Windows 8, & the powerful Intel® Core™ processor delivers the speed and responsiveness to keep up with your most demanding tasks

HP Giveaway

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  1. Count me in. I am a big fan of HP. My PC is older than me.

  2. Eileen

    My computer just crashed!! A free one would be awesome!!

  3. rachael s


  4. Toni

    Would Love to win a new computer. Mine is starting to sounds like it could blow up any time now.

  5. George Davison

    Would love this for my wife… but out of my budget! Hers is on it’s last leg and she uses it a lot for our small business.

  6. That would make an amazing gift for my youngest daughter she is the only one who doesn’t have her own computer.

  7. Taryn

    Awesome! That is a great giveaway. 🙂

  8. sandy

    i love it!

  9. tamra gibson

    I don’t think I could put in words how much I could use this. Since I have become disabled I tend to use a computer a lot through the day. None of my computer parts cam from the same manufacturer and I am always having problems. I must be honest and say I know this is not a necessity and I’m sure there is someone out there that needs this way more than I do but I would really be super excited to win. This is one of the few things I really would like in my life right now I usually don’t get or request things for myself. Thank you for this chance and I hope I don’t offend anyone but Merry Christmas

  10. Jenny Sharp

    Would be a wonderful way to update from my older and slow laptop!

  11. Jackie

    Just switched from an Apple to Windows phone and so far, very pleased. My laptop on the other hand, is on the verge of being tossed out the window. I would love a new Windows home computer, have been wanting one for a while, just out of budget.

  12. would love a windopws 8desktop -alternate e-mail address is

  13. i would love a windows 8 desktop

  14. Dorinna Wren

    would love to win for my mom

  15. Mary Wright

    I really like HP computers. Love the touchscreen! HP has provided great customer support for me too!

  16. Roxanne Merrow

    Oh pleeeaaassssseee!!!❤️Ebates!

  17. Marcy Kuntz

    This is AWESOME!!

  18. lynn anderson

    I would love one. HP.

  19. Ben Gillis

    Would really like to win this HP computer. Thanks for the chance!!

  20. stacy

    I could really use this!!!