12 Mother’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Jewelry

With Mother’s Day on the horizon, it can be tempting to turn to jewelry when you run out of gift ideas. No matter what kind of mom you have, however, there are hundreds of other thoughtful and practical gift options that aren’t earrings or a new bracelet. This handy guide contains 12 creative ideas to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

What Are 12 Creative Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Aren’t Jewelry?

Whether your mom is a beauty guru, a foodie or a green-thumbed goddess, one of these unique gifts is sure to put a smile on her face this Mother’s Day.

  1.     A silk pillowcase and bonnet

If your mom likes to take good care of her hair, a silk pillowcase and bonnet would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Silk pillowcases are thought to have many benefits for the skin and hair, because they reduce friction, are less drying and offer a cleaner sleeping surface. If your mom has very curly or fine and fragile hair, a silk sleep bonnet will protect her locks at night and reduce frizz. The combination of a pillowcase and bonnet could be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for moms who like to take care of their hair and skin.

  1.     A treat basket

There’s no better gift than a big box of treats and sweets. You can buy gift baskets in department stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, but you can also make them at home if you’re on a budget. All you need is a nice box or basket and a good idea of what your mom likes. You could fill a wicker basket with her favorite chocolates, cookies, chips and wines, or even add self-care items such as face masks, bubble baths, candles and face creams.

  1.     Her favorite perfume

Perfume is a perennially popular Mother’s Day gift, and it’s easy to understand why. Who doesn’t like to smell nice? If your mom has a particular favorite, get her a bottle and you’ll certainly make her happy. If you’re not sure about her preferred scent — or if she likes to try new options — you’ll find plenty of perfume choices at a range of stores. You can even find perfumes based on specific smells, such as peaches, cherries, roses and sandalwood.

  1.     A foot spa

Many moms spend all day on their feet, and it can take a toll. Why not take care of your mom’s tired feet this Mother’s Day with a luxurious home foot spa? There are options to suit most budgets, and many foot spas have conveniently compact designs.

  1.     A light therapy mask

Skin-care-loving or beauty-enthusiast moms are sure to be delighted by a light therapy mask. This unique beauty product uses colored lights to target specific skin concerns, such as acne, aging, discoloration and hyperpigmentation. There are options to suit many budget brackets and technological proficiencies, so you’ll be able to find masks that serve many different purposes. There are also simple, user-friendly options for people with limited technological capabilities.

  1.     A digital photo frame

Few things will bring as much joy to a mother as a digital photo frame to display her favorite memories. It’s a sentimental gift that can be updated as the years go by. Be sure to add your mom’s favorite family photo to the frame before you give it to her to ensure it’s a particularly lovely surprise. A new frame will create the perfect opportunity to go through old photo albums to find other favorites to add.

  1.     A tailored gift box

There are plenty of gift box options, from simple basket-like options to subscription boxes focused on food, liquor, beauty products, books or even stationery. Giving your mom one of these boxes — either as a stand-alone gift or as part of a longer subscription — is a unique and thoughtful idea. If you can’t find an option that suits her, you can always make your own. What distinguishes a gift box from a basket is that a basket tends to center on edible items. When building a gift box, you should have a theme. If your mom loves reading and writing, you could make her a box with a gift certificate for a local bookstore, some bookmarks, a new journal, some nice pens and some scrapbooking materials.

  1.     A subscription to her favorite magazine

If your mom is well read and has specific hobbies such as crafting, writing or cooking, a subscription to a magazine she reads often or that is relevant to her interests could be a wonderful Mother’s Day surprise. One benefit is that it outlasts the day itself. Your mom can enjoy her gift for months to come, as each new issue brings her joy and teaches her more about her favorite hobby.

  1.     A skin-care set

Beauty products are popular gifts for birthdays, Christmas and Mother’s Day, because it’s easy to find unique, beautiful and practical products that will make your mom feel as good as she looks. A skin-care set from a luxury brand or a new brand with a quirky approach is sure to make her smile. Just remember to see if she has any allergies or sensitivities before you buy anything. Pro tip: Have someone distract her while you check her dressing table or makeup bag to find out what kind of products she usually chooses!

  1.   A French press

Many moms can’t go without their morning coffee, but that doesn’t mean they should focus on quantity and speed over quality. A nice cup of coffee can be an act of self-care. Consider getting your mom a beautiful French press coffeemaker and some high-quality ground coffee so she can make herself extra-special morning coffee. Add a milk frother for extra credit!

  1.   A spa day

Every now and then, hardworking moms need a day to themselves. If you want to give an experience-based gift, a gift certificate for a spa day at a local salon could be a perfect choice. Many salons offer prepackaged spa days that are more cost-effective, but if you aren’t sure what treatments your mother may like, a gift certificate will allow her to create a package that gives her exactly what she wants.

  1.   Tickets to a show

What moms often want most on their big day is to spend time with the people they love. Why not buy tickets to the theater, a concert or even a local festival so you can spend time with your mom doing something unique? Check local magazines and newspapers to find out what’s on in your local area, or plan to travel to a nearby city for something really special.

How Can I Get the Right Price On Mother’s Day Gifts?

Jewelry gifts can be wonderful, but there are only so many necklaces and bracelets that anyone can own. Creative non-jewelry Mother’s Day gifts can be a great way to make your mom smile. Whatever you intend to give her for Mother’s Day this year, it always pays to look around for the best deals to make your money go as far as possible. When you shop with Rakuten, you’ll find a range of deals and Cash Back offers, as well as the ability to compare prices and sales from a range of vendors.


FAQs — Mother’s Day Gifts That Aren’t Jewelry

What is the best surprise for Mother’s Day?

The best surprise for Mother’s Day is quality time with your mom and a gift you know she will like. It could be a big-ticket item, such as a luxury handbag, or something as small as a book she has been meaning to read. What matters is that she doesn’t know what it is before she gets it, and you take the time to think about it. Thoughtful gifts are always the best!

Why do we give jewelry on Mother’s Day?

Historically, women were given jewelry because they could not own property or have bank accounts, and luxury items were a kind of savings. These days, however, we give jewelry to our moms and other women in our lives simply because it is a beautiful thing they can keep forever. It’s also easy to make jewelry into a personalized gift with engraving.

What are the most common Mother’s Day gifts?

The most common Mother’s Day gifts are jewelry, perfume, skin-care items, flowers and chocolates. That’s partly because they are easy to find and can suit a large range of budgets and tastes, but also because they are widely enjoyed by broad swathes of society.

How can I make Mother’s Day special on a budget?

You don’t need much money to make Mother’s Day special. Most moms just want to feel loved and appreciated, so anything that shows them you care and helps them relax is a wonderful idea. You could make your mom breakfast in bed or a nice lunch, watch some of her favorite movies or simply give her a beautiful bouquet of flowers or some chocolates. It really is the thought that counts.

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