Outside-the-box Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up fast, and while breakfast in bed with a bunch of flowers or a cute digital photo frame are certainly nice, they’re pretty common choices. If you’re looking for a last-minute gift that is unique and unusual, look no further. This outside-the-box gift guide will help you to find the perfect gift that she will never see coming!

How can I choose a creative and unusual Mother’s Day gift?

Finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day every year can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you’ve exhausted all the most obvious options in recent years. When you’ve already given your mom, or mother figures, a birthstone necklace, gift baskets, perfume, a digital photo frame with a special photo in it, and an album of family photos, it can be hard to think of another great gift idea.

If you don’t want to resort to a gift certificate, consider the following things to get unique gift ideas and go the extra mile:

  • What her main hobbies are
  • Her interests
  • Her personality
  • Practical items she may not have

Small details, such as the year and place your mom was born in, what she spends her free time doing, and her most prevalent interests, are key to generating creative and unique gift ideas. The key is to incorporate something important to your mom into the gift in a surprising way. Once you have a great idea, think about finding some memorable gift wrap to make it extra special! Presentation matters after all. You could even find wrapping paper that matches the theme of the gift you have chosen, for example, paper depicting maps for a gift related to travel, or paper showing a famous artwork for artistic gifts.

What are 10 outside-the-box gift ideas for moms?

If you are looking for unique and creative gift ideas to wow your mom this year, this gift guide is just what you’re looking for. These 10 outside-of-the-box gifts are just the tip of the iceberg:

  1.     A photoshoot

Remind your mom how beautiful she is and give her the star treatment that she deserves with her very own photoshoot! Whether she’s a fitness enthusiast, a fashion lover, or a sentimental mom who just wants a nice family portrait to hang on the wall, there are plenty of options. All you have to do is find a local photographer and tell them what you have in mind. They will make sure that your mom feels special and her special photo turns out perfect!

  1.     A butterfly nest

If your mom already has a thriving flower garden, a butterfly nest or insect house may be the most thoughtful gift you could give her. These compact items will encourage biodiversity in her garden and attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. As well as bringing life to your mom’s garden, they also add beauty and will help her flowers to thrive.

  1.     A flower subscription box

A twist on an old classic, flower subscription boxes are the perfect sentimental gift for when you have a mom who loves flowers, but you want to think outside the box. You can set up a subscription so that your mom receives fresh blooms regularly. You can even rule out specific flowers in some cases, for example, lilies which are beautiful but can stain fabrics and surfaces with their vibrant pollen.

  1.     A murder mystery game

Looking for a gift to spice up the family game night? If your mom loves puzzles and games, reads crime thrillers, and has a flair for problem-solving, a murder mystery game may be just what you need. There are several options out there that go beyond Cluedo. For example, Hunt a Killer makes unique and comprehensive murder mystery games that will make for a fun night as everyone tries to figure out the clues.

  1.     A travel jewelry organizer

Does your mom travel a lot for work? Does she already have all the jewelry that she needs? If so, a stylish travel organizer for her jewelry collection could be the perfect thoughtful gift. While a traditional jewelry box is too bulky to travel with, organizers like these are made of soft yet robust fabric and have different pockets, slots, and features to keep rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings safe.

  1.     A garden cart

If your mom’s garden is her pride and joy, there are a number of gift ideas you can turn to. If you want to give her something genuinely practical and unique, however, a quality garden cart could make her life a whole lot easier. Unlike wheelbarrows, which need to be lifted and pushed, these carts have four wheels and a handle that allows them to be pulled. This makes them more stable on rough ground, easier to move, and generally more spacious thanks to their flat, rectangular design. They are perfect for moving bags of soil, trays of bedding plants, and tools.

  1.     A mushroom-growing kit

Is your mom a culinary whizz who has always wanted a functional kitchen garden? If so, a mushroom-growing kit will delight her! Mushrooms are incredibly easy to grow, and one kit can result in a considerable harvest. Perfect for small gardens, these kits tend to be compact in design. Better yet, you can find kits for all kinds of mushrooms, with oyster, lion’s mane, and trumpet being some of the most common types of mushroom kits.

  1.     A skydiving experience

Adventurous moms who love adrenaline and are always seeking new experiences may love the chance to test their mettle with a skydiving experience. Of course, she will be perfectly safe as these experiences are geared toward first-timers. She will be attached to a professional who knows what they’re doing.

  1.     A miniature greenhouse

Moms who have a green thumb but lack garden space will be delighted with a miniature greenhouse. These can take the form of cabinet-like structures or lightweight rod frames covered with durable plastic, and they can be small enough to sit on top of a table. Perfect for growing delicate blooms or even fruits, such as strawberries, when there’s no space for large planters or the yard is mostly stone and gravel! You could even include some seeds, soil, and pots to get her started.

  1.   Custom lipstick

If your mother is a beauty addict, there are few gifts that can beat the Lip Lab experience. Creating custom lipstick shades to specification, they have locations in the USA and Canada, but also offer virtual consultations. While a gift certificate may seem like the least unusual Mother’s Day gift, this one is nothing like the rest. A session with the Lip Lab will let her create her perfect shade, the finish, and tailor the scent before she gets to name the shade and engrave the lipstick case. If she’s in-store, she can take it home. If she tailors it online, it will be sent directly to her home.

Each of these gift ideas ties into what we would consider traditional Mother’s Day gifts, but they have unique twists that make them a little more unusual and surprising.

How can I get the best Mother’s Day deals?

Finding the best gift for your mom doesn’t have to break the bank. Sometimes creative and unusual gifts are the best choice, especially when your mom is adamant that she doesn’t want anything at all! There are unusual and unique gifts in every budget range, and when you use Rakuten you can also benefit from cashback offers and compare prices between different vendors while seeing sale opportunities. This means that you can make your money go farther.


FAQ – Outside-the-box Mother’s Day gifts

What is the best gift for mothers?

There is no single thing that can be classed as the best gift for mothers on Mother’s Day. Rather, the best gift is one that will make her happy and be of use to her. Whether this is a hair styler or a series of art classes depends on what your mom likes.

How can I surprise my mom at home on Mother’s Day?

It can be hard to really surprise your mom if you live at home, but it is possible. Enlist the help of your dad or other family members to think of a great present and get some unique, high-quality gift wrap to make it look pretty. Then get some food that you know she likes and make sure she gets some time to put her feet up.

What are the top 10 Mother’s Day gifts?

There are certain gifts that are perennial favorites when it comes to Mother’s Day. This is partly because they are incredibly accessible and widely popular. These are the top 10 Mother’s Day gifts:

  •   Flowers
  •   Chocolates
  •   Wine
  •   Personalized jewelry (e.g. an initial necklace)
  •   Beauty products (e.g. face creams, cleansers, etc)
  •   Photo albums
  •   Pajamas
  •   Foot spas
  •   Gift baskets
  •   Scented candles

How can I make a Mother’s Day gift memorable?

There are many ways to make Mother’s Day memorable. The best way is to give her an unusual, thoughtful gift and to spend time with her. Quality time with their loved ones is what most moms really want, so why not make her breakfast in bed and arrange to spend a day doing something that you know she likes? Make Mother’s Day memorable by making happy memories together.

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