5 Unique First Date Ideas to Break the Ice


When’s the last time you were on a first date? Was it fun/awkward/nerve-racking? Did conversation feel too forced or not fluid enough? Maybe you two just didn’t have anything in common. Or perhaps your date plan was unoriginal and you both knew it. The best date ideas are the ones that allow you to gain an organic insight into the other’s life – their upbringing, passions, ambitions and fears – without it being too contrived. The goal is to break down the barriers as quickly as possible and let the nerves float away.

Check out our guide below for interesting date ideas that’ll melt away the first date ice. If nothing on this list resonates with you, explore Groupon coupons for more exciting date and event ideas!

Trivia Night at the Local Pub

No matter where home is, chances are there’s a local bar hosting weekly trivia. If you’re in a major city, you’ll probably have a trivia option every night of the week. Taking a date to trivia allows you to find out a lot about the other person without even asking.

A lot of anecdotes and context start to surface when someone’s forced to rack the depths of their brain attempting to answer eccentric and challenging questions. Not to mention, you’ll be playing on the same team, allowing a competitive bond to form effortlessly. After trivia’s over, stay for another drink and rehash or elaborate on tidbits that were brought up throughout the night. You may find yourself chatting until closing time, wondering where all that time went.

Go To an Improv Show

What better way to break the ice than to laugh at people performing in awkward, unplanned scenarios? An improv show or other performance arts events are great options if you don’t want the first date to be too talking intensive. Not to mention the evening will be more memorable regardless of whether or not sparks fly. If a dinner and movie are your typical date go-tos, attending an improv show will be a breath of fresh air.


Volunteer Together

Nothing takes the pressure off a first date more than spending time with someone while performing a job. Look up local places to volunteer and enjoy a fulfilling day together, slowly feeling each other out. Serve soup to the homeless, play with kids at a youth center or hang out with the elderly. No matter the activity, you’ll have plenty to relate to during, or after your volunteering session ends.

Find a DIY Project to Do Together

Remember arts and crafts time in grade school? Or how about art class in high school? It’s always fun and social to create. When we’re crafty and occupied with the creative process, it’s a relaxed atmosphere for chatting and casual conversation. If you drink coffee or tea and strive for your mugs to be beyond the ordinary, make your own custom coffee mugs together. Conversation will flow organically and you’ll end up with a cool keepsake in the process. And if you want to save a little buying supplies, you can always use Michael’s coupons from Ebates.

Have a Coffee Date and Play Truth or Dare

Yes, the coffee date is a little cliché but that doesn’t mean it’s not effective in getting to know a person. The problem is, conversation can be a little stiff and uncomfortable with two people meeting for the first time, no matter how much smiling is going on. So why not spice it up a bit and play a mild (or not so) game of truth or dare? At the least, the game might force some laughs, breaking down the barriers to freer-flowing conversation.

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