6 Buys to Make Your Home Happier

Look around you. The space you live in is a reflection of your mental state, whether you believe it or not. If Nancy Drew walked into your bedroom, into your bathroom, into your kitchen, notebook in hand, what would she learn about the type of person you are? Winter forces us into hibernation, so it’s an excellent time of year to spruce up your dwelling with items that will cause your heart to swell with joy. Below are six home decor picks that will take your place (and your mood) from eh to amazing.

Kate Spade Strawberry Pencil Case

In medieval times, strawberries were a symbol of innocence, purity and perfection. Who doesn’t want to bring more of those vibes into their lives? If you don’t use pencils — because, who does anymore, honestly? — you could purpose this pouch for cosmetics, jewelry or a decorative clutch.

Ralph Lauren Waffle-Knit Bathrobe

Imagine this cozy gem hanging from the back of your bathroom door. Nothing conjures up feelings of indulgent luxury — hotel rooms, spas — better than a bathrobe. Just seeing it in your bathroom will remind you of blissful blessings.

Lauren Conrad Sheet Set

For the amount of time we spend in bed, it’s surprising that we don’t invest in making the experience extraordinary. Experiment with your own sheet sets. Will you have better dreams when sleeping on different colors and thread counts?


Uttermost Abra Vanity Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. We’re often warned against falling in love with our own reflection, although mirrors can be invaluable tools for practicing self-love and acceptance. If we aren’t loving the reflection, how can we expect others to love it too? This beautiful creation will inspire a fairy-tale self-image.

Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier

You’re only as good as the air you breathe. This stylish little friend purifies its surroundings and makes your space look funky and futuristic. It also removes allergens to help you breathe that much easier.

Food52 Vintage-Inspired Brass Candlesticks

Candlesticks give any space a certain old-fashioned romance. Spooky yet elevating, why reserve these gems for just special occasions and Hallmark holidays? Take Monday Thai takeout to the next level, or give your bedroom some sultry boudoir appeal.

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