How to Find Great Deals in Every Category for Memorial Day Shopping

Memorial Day is the third largest shopping day of the year, which means it may be the perfect time to check out some of the lowest prices on all sorts of products. No matter what items you’re most interested in, you’re likely to find deep discounts. Here’s an overview of the strategy you may want to use to find great deals in all sorts of categories.

Most Popular Categories for Memorial Day Discounts

On one of the largest shopping days of the year, you’ll find incredible deals in many categories. These nine, however, are where you’ll find the best deals.


If there’s one item Memorial Day sales are known for, it’s mattresses. If you’re thinking about buying a mattress, you’ll probably get the biggest discount during Memorial Day. That may include a sitewide sale from stores that sell multiple types of mattresses, such as Mattress Firm, or a sale on select items from brands that design their own mattresses, such as Purple and Casper.

Major Appliances

You may find huge discounts on select appliances during Memorial Day. Appliances are often a big part of Memorial Day sales, when you may be able to score hundreds or even thousands of dollars off large items such as refrigerators and stoves. Appliance deals are a great way to save on your major kitchen purchases. You’ll often see them at home improvement stores, such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Small Appliances

Large appliances are some of the most well-known sale items during Memorial Day, but there are plenty of smaller appliances at lower-than-usual prices too. Air fryers, stand mixers and robot vacuums may all be great purchases. You’ll likely be able to find deals on these smaller items at even more stores than their larger counterparts, including Macy’s, Kohl’s and more.

Patio Furniture and Outdoor Furniture

As summer approaches, you’ll likely start spending more time outdoors. That means you’ll need outdoor furniture and other outdoor equipment. Outdoor furniture is often on sale during Memorial Day, so you’ll probably be able to find high-quality patio furniture at a great price. You can check out patio furniture sales from department stores such as Sears or more specialized brands such as Design Within Reach.

Beauty Products

It’s common to find beauty products at their lowest prices during Memorial Day. Beauty sales are common on the three-day weekend, so stock up on makeup, skin-care items and other beauty products. You may find price cuts on beauty items at general retailers such as JCPenney or more targeted beauty retailers such as Beautycounter and Sephora.

Home Decor

If you like to decorate your home in very intricate ways, you’ll probably be looking for home decor items on sale items. From kitschy decorations and art to shelves and dressers to wallpaper and paint, home decor is often at its lowest price during Memorial Day. You can find select sale items at stores such as Overstock, but many stores known for clothing, such as Anthropologie, also have an array of home decor.


TVs are frequently discounted during Memorial Day. If an electronics store is having a sitewide sale for the holiday, you can be sure that TVs will be one of the products on the homepage. These electronics deals, however, can be hit or miss. You may be able to find some great TV deals, but it’s usually better to wait until Labor Day or Cyber Monday for even deeper discounts. You can check out deals from large retailers such as Walmart or individual manufacturers such as Samsung.

General Electronics

As with TVs, you should be careful about purchasing electronics during Memorial Day. It typically isn’t the best time for electronics purchases, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy anything during this time. You just need to do a bit more research to make sure you’re getting a good price and that you couldn’t save more if you wait until Cyber Monday. Stores such as Best Buy often run good Memorial Day sales.


It’s a good idea to check out spring clothing during Memorial Day sales. Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, which means summer clothing will generally be more expensive than the spring styles stores are trying to get rid of during Memorial Day sales. You can find great clothing options in various clothing stores, ranging from Old Navy to Nordstrom to Nike.

Tips for Shopping More Effectively During Memorial Day

If you plan to shop Memorial Day sales, you should create a game plan for your shopping process. Here are three tips you can use to get the most out of your Memorial Day purchases.

Choose a Few Products You’re Most Interested In

Rather than browsing generally, it’s important to begin your Memorial Day shopping with specific products you’re interested in buying. Not only will it prevent you from buying things you don’t need and won’t use, but most companies also will put thousands of products on sale during Memorial Day. You’re not going to be able to browse all of them.

Shop Before and After the Holiday Weekend

The weekend itself is typically when you’ll find the best deals, but it’s certainly not the only time. Many stores start their sales before the weekend, often on Friday but sometimes as early as the Monday before Memorial Day. If you want the best deals, start your shopping process as soon as your favorite brands release their Memorial Day deals.

Make Sure You’re Buying Genuinely Good Deals

This can be one of the most complicated parts of shopping during Memorial Day. Many products are on sale during Memorial Day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everything on sale is actually a great deal. Certain air fryers, for example, may go on sale at a $20 discount on Memorial Day, but they may be discounted by $50 if you wait until Labor Day. Before you buy something, try to find the lowest price you could buy the item for in previous years. It will help you know whether you should buy it now or wait until another sale.


Get Memorial Day Deals That Help You Save Money

Finding a great Memorial Day deal is about getting the best price on something you really like and will use in the future. The best thing about stores putting thousands of items on sale is that there’s bound to be something for everyone. With this list of Memorial Day tips and tricks, you’ll be prepared for your Memorial Day shopping spree.


  • Is Memorial Day the biggest sale of the year?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest sales of the year, but Memorial Day, along with Labor Day, is close behind. That’s partly because Memorial Day is earlier than the other two, giving you a sort of midyear sale.

  • When will Memorial Day sales start?

Memorial Day sales almost always kick off by the Friday before Memorial Day. Some stores, however, will make a full week out of it, starting their sales the Monday before Memorial Day.

  • When is Memorial Day?

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May in the United States. In 2023, it will be observed on May 29. The exact date depends on the year, but it’s always observed on a Monday, creating a three-day weekend.

  • What stores will have Memorial Day sales?

Most stores will have a Memorial Day sale of some kind. It’s very common to see Memorial Day sales from both large stores, such as Walmart and Target, and small businesses. Check out all the brands you’re interested in to see if they’ll have Memorial Day deals.

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