Memorial Day 2023: Coupons, Deals & Cashback

Memorial Day is an important federal holiday to remember fallen soldiers in the United States. It also plays double duty as the unofficial start of summer. Many people ramp up their outdoor activities starting on Memorial Day, since a lot of Americans get the day off work or school. If you're looking for great Memorial Day discounts and epic deals on kitchen appliances, mattresses, tech items, kitchen essentials, outdoor grills and everything in between, here are a few tips to look into. 1. Mattresses Mattresses are the most tried and true item you’ll find on sale during Memorial Day. If you’re thinking about buying a mattress, you may want to consider waiting until Memorial Day, when you may be able to save more than 50 percent on even high-end mattresses. Research the best mattresses for you and your family ahead of time, and then find the biggest discounts on them when the specific sale styles have dropped. 2. Large Kitchen Appliances Appliance sales are another great option to check out during Memorial Day. With deals on refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens and more, buying kitchen appliances during a Memorial Day sale is a great way to save a significant amount of money. You’ll often find the most aggressive discounts and steep price drops on large appliances — potentially moving a higher-end model into your budget range. Appliances are some of the most important kitchen essentials, so make sure you’re finding an epic deal on them. 3. Vacuums and Other Cleaning Devices As summer approaches and your family spends more time outdoors, you’ll probably find that they track more mud and dirt back inside. That means you may need to be on the lookout for a new vacuum. Robot vacuums, such as the iRobot Roomba, are a very popular option. They’re usually fairly expensive, but the epic deals during Memorial Day may get you a better price on a robot vac that can keep your home clean. 4. Headphones, Music Services and Electronic Devices Many tech items go on sale during Memorial Day, so check for big deals during these events. You may find the latest smartwatches, with larger displays and faster charging, on sale at surprisingly great prices. Smartphone sales are also very common during Memorial Day, as are sales on headphones, like Apple AirPods Pro. If you’re buying new headphones, you may also want to take advantage of major Memorial Day discounts on services such as Apple Music and Spotify so you can enjoy your music even more. 5. Televisions Television sets are often majorly discounted during Memorial Day weekend. Whether you’re looking for a 48-inch model, a 55-inch model or something even larger, you may be surprised by the size of the discount you can get. Memorial Day is often the lowest price you’ll find on tech items all year, so spring for a new TV if you find a great deal. Smart TV products, such as Google Chromecast, Google TV and Apple TV, may also be on sale. 6. Outdoor Gear As the outdoors is heating up, so is people’s desire to go outside and explore. That’s one of the reasons you’ll find major discounts on outdoor gear, including tents, backpacks, helmets, shoes and more, at stores such as Eddie Bauer. It may also be a good time to find cheap deals on select styles of cold-weather gear. As the weather heats up, many stores are looking to clear out cold-weather gear to make space for summer options, leading them to significantly slash their prices. You could find a cheap deal if you’re willing to look through some clearance items. 7. Fuel and Gas Station Products It may be surprising, but you can save a significant amount of money on fuel and gas station products when you buy during Memorial Day — especially if you sign up for rewards programs or complete rewards requirements. In 2022, for example, you were able to earn up to 40 cents per gallon in fuel discounts at Kwik Trip when you bought two Miller Lite 18-packs. Keep an eye on loyalty programs at your local gas stations to see if you can get an epic deal on your top-up. 8. Grills and Smokers Memorial Day is an excellent time to invest in the new outdoor grill you have your eye on. Because it’s often the first day people go out to grill, it’s common to see epic price drops on some of the best outdoor grills and smokers. You may also be able to get kitchen tools at a major discount. That’s one of the reasons many people wait to purchase their grills until Memorial Day weekend. 9. Specialty Food and Drink Memorial Day is for cookouts with family, which means a surprising amount of food and drink may be on sale. You’re likely to see classic cookout meals, such as hamburgers and hot dogs, on sale at your local grocery store, but there are far more options that may also be available. Check for sales on desserts, especially all-American options such as apple pie, and other foods such as breakfast options and specialty cheeses. Looking through the epic deals in your local supermarket’s weekly ad can help you find the food and drinks you’re most interested in for your Memorial Day barbecue. How to Get the Best Deals If you’re looking for great Memorial Day discounts and epic deals, you need to know how to shop the sales more effectively. Here are a few tips: Use the entire holiday weekend to your advantage. You can find deep discounts on many products all weekend. The federal holiday means many people are off work on Monday, so there’s no need to shop on only one of the three days. Spread out your shopping and find epic deals all weekend long. Clearance racks can be a great way to find the lowest prices on select styles of all kinds of products, including tech items. Don’t rule out the efficacy of clearance items when you’re looking to get aggressive discounts on new styles. Military discounts. Service members, including active-duty military and veterans, will likely be eligible for the biggest discounts at many stores. Proof of military service is required for many deals, so bring your military ID. Discounted items. Check for the biggest discounts on specific items before you purchase them. Even if you think you’re getting deep discounts on certain items, there could be a better deal elsewhere. Check superstores. Large superstores may have epic deals on a wide variety of products, making them a great stop if you’re shopping in person. Walmart’s Memorial Day sales, for example, are known for being exceptionally broad. FAQs When do Memorial Day deals start? Most Memorial Day deals start on the Saturday before Memorial Day, as part of holiday weekend sales. You should check the specifics for each store you plan to shop at, however, since certain companies may start their sales the Friday before Memorial Day or have week-long deals leading up to the holiday. Is Memorial Day only one day? Memorial Day itself is only a single day, but it’s often referred to as “Memorial Day Weekend” because many locations celebrate it throughout the entire weekend. Since the holiday falls on a Monday, many locations start their Memorial Day deals on Saturday — and some start even earlier. Many people spend Memorial Day itself with friends and family, so the rest of the weekend is ripe for shopping. What day is Memorial Day? Memorial Day is observed on the final Monday of May, which means it is observed anytime from May 25 to May 31, depending on the year. In 2023, it will be observed on May 29. Is Memorial Day a large sale event? Memorial Day is one of the largest sales days in America. The holiday is not celebrated in other countries, because it is a specifically American holiday. It marks the unofficial beginning of summer, so it’s a great time to purchase summer products and many businesses capitalize on that idea by hosting large summer blowout sales with cheap deals. If you’re looking to buy summer products, Memorial Day is one of the best sales events.

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