A Few Companies to Keep in Mind During Memorial Day Sales

If you plan to shop for sale items during Memorial Day, you’ll want to focus on just a few items, such as mattresses or beauty products. Most companies will have some kind of Memorial Day sale, and it will quickly get overwhelming if you try to shop them all. Instead, make the most of your limited time this Memorial Day weekend by checking out sale items from the most popular companies. Here are a few of the most popular Memorial Day sales, where you’ll find select products at the lowest prices.

Best Companies for Memorial Day Sales

Best Buy

Best Buy will likely have a sitewide sale for Memorial Day, probably focusing on major appliances. The company is known for its Memorial Day sales on appliances, including refrigerators, ovens and washing machines. Electronics aren’t often a good option for sale runs during Memorial Day, but this is the perfect time to check out Best Buy’s selection of appliances to find the best deals on select products. You may also find the lowest price by checking out clearance items on the Best Buy outlet page.


Dyson is a great place to score discounts on vacuums over the three-day weekend. The company often offers limited-time vacuum deals on select styles, including some of its most high-tech options. That means you may be able to get a deep discount on the best vacuums out there, upgrading your cleaning game significantly with some of Dyson’s hot products.


The hot sale items at home-improvement stores will usually be appliances, but you may be able to find patio furniture and other outdoor items at a hefty discount as well. Score discounts by checking out kitchen appliances on the Lowe’s Memorial Day landing page. Lowe’s also has a great price-matching policy you may be able to take advantage of this Memorial Day.

Home Depot

Home Depot is the main competitor to Lowe’s in the United States, and you’ll often find deals on the same products at these home-improvement stores. You should expect to see patio furniture, outdoor furniture and select appliances at a discount. Make sure you compare and contrast your most wanted items between Lowe’s and Home Depot so you can get the best discount on your entire purchase.

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm is probably the first brand that comes to mind when you think of mattress companies. Mattress Firm carries a wide variety of mattress brands, and locations can be found in most American cities, offering organic mattresses, standard mattresses, adjustable sets and much more. If you’re looking for mattress deals, you can be sure Mattress Firm will offer something this Memorial Day. Check out your favorite mattresses from various brands at Mattress Firm this holiday weekend.


Overstock is one of the biggest online superstores out there, with thousands of items available for great prices. During Memorial Day, you’ll find even deeper discounts on select furniture, major appliances, home decor and other hot products. Bedroom items are commonly on sale during Memorial Day. You’ll find bed frames, adjustable bed bundles and even some mattress deals, and it’s also possible to combine bed frames from Overstock with bed bundles from Mattress Firm or another mattress company.


Wayfair is a furniture company, and you’ll certainly find select furniture styles at discounted prices when you shop Wayfair’s Memorial Day Sale. In addition to furniture, you’ll also find bed frames, mattresses and mattress toppers at amazing deals that rival even Mattress Firm. Check for your favorite brands or opt for a cooling topper just in time for summer.


All of Gap’s brands, including Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta, will likely have blowout deals on some warm-weather clothing during Memorial Day. Expect to find a variety of styles of short-sleeve shirts, tank tops and shorts. With summer clothing, however, you’ll likely get even better deals if you wait until Labor Day.


JCPenney is a department store, which means it offers deals on all kinds of items during Memorial Day. The store may host a sitewide sale, as well as offering deals on select items. Check for discounts on outdoor items, including accessories and even some grills, as well as deals from mattress brands. There will be plenty of price cuts across the board from JCPenney, so don’t be afraid to take advantage of them.


Macy’s is another department store where you’ll find a bundle of savings. The best deals will probably be on both men’s and women’s clothing. You should also expect to see plenty of other discounts across the Macy’s website, so scroll through and see what’s available.


Anthropologie is known for its clothing, but you can also find a significant number of home goods. The hot products during the store’s Memorial Day sale will include accessories for your bedroom, but you’ll find plenty of discounts on other home decor items too. Check for the lowest prices of the season on bedding and bedroom furniture, including summer-themed home accessories, during this pre-summer sale.


Walmart is one of the most notable superstores in the country, and it celebrates Memorial Day with plenty of discounts. Walmart doesn’t typically run a sitewide Memorial Day sale, but you may find rollbacks on a multitude of select items. The store may also highlight select items for summer, including grills and various mattress brands.


If you’re looking for beauty products, look no further than Sephora. You’ll find limited-time deals and hefty price cuts on some of the best beauty products for Memorial Day. Expect a sitewide sale with hundreds of beauty products selling for much lower than their list price, as well as a bundle of savings if you meet a minimum purchase amount.

Getting the Best Discounts for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is one of the best times to find the lowest prices on a variety of high-cost products, from mattresses to home decor and furniture. Whether you’re shopping for a new mattress or you’re outfitting your kitchen with fresh appliances, Rakuten can help you find the best discounts and deals on Memorial Day and beyond.



Is Memorial Day the biggest sales event of the year?

The biggest sales events of the year are Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but Memorial Day is next in line along with Labor Day. Memorial Day is also a national holiday that celebrates and remembers military personnel, so more people may be able to go out and shop.

What should I avoid buying during Memorial Day?

You often won’t find great deals on summer products during Memorial Day. That includes grills and summer clothing. Memorial Day is the big pre-summer sale, which means most companies won’t give you their absolute best deals on summertime products. Wait for Labor Day to get the best discounts on those items. Always check the list price before you buy a big-ticket item, since what looks like a hefty price reduction may not be as great of a deal as it seems.

When do Memorial Day sales start?

Most Memorial Day sales start the Friday before Memorial Day, but you may see some brands offering a bundle of savings as early as Monday, leading to a week-long Memorial Day sale. Check each store to see when it plans to start its sale so you have plenty of time to take advantage of the holiday deals.

What are the absolute best products to buy during Memorial Day sales?

Most people automatically think of mattress sales when they think of Memorial Day. If you’re looking to buy a mattress, Memorial Day is definitely a good time to do it. Check out Mattress Firm, for example, for deals on many mattress brands. Other popular products with plenty of price cuts include home appliances and general home decor.

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