6 Fashionable Pet Accessories Dog and Cat Owners Will Obsess Over

Some may call you obsessed with your pet, but maybe they just don’t see your dog or cat for as fabulous as they are. As a dedicated pet owner, you spare no expense for your furry BFF, including keeping their fashion on point. We’ve rounded up some super cute accessories any dog or cat owner will absolutely love. However, there is nothing more in vogue than Cash Back at Ebates, which you can get for buying any of these adorable items. Get their tails wagging by giving them an instant style upgrade.

Puppia Modern Dotty Dog Harness

Puppia Modern Dotty Dog HarnessMetallic polka dots on a chic black harness? Yes, please! Give your little fuzzball a Kate Spade-inspired look with this classic accessory. Plus, did we mention that black is slimming even for pups?

Puppia Polar Dog Harness

Puppia Polar Dog HarnessAnimal print is a must for any four-legged fashionista. She’ll love expressing her wild side with this fur-lined harness. Staying warm never looked so cool.


Top Paw Ruffle Dog Harness

Top Paw Ruffle Dog HarnessDo you have a pretty prima donna on your hands? It doesn’t get any girlier than hot-pink ruffles. This statement-making harness is the perfect party look for your pup, but don’t feel the need to save it for special occasions. She can be fabulous every day of the week!

Puppia Modish Vest Dog Harness

Puppia Modish Vest Dog HarnessFor those times when your dog is feeling casual but still wants all eyes on him at the dog park, this bold vest is a must. Its solid bright color not only keeps Fido visible and safe, but it also tells his friends he’s not afraid to be noticed.

Pearl Cat Collar

Pearl Cat CollarCat owners know that some felines are extra fancy. If your fur baby is a lady of luxury, treat her as such with this pearl cat collar. With a magnetic closer, it will release easily if needed to keep her looking ravishing without compromising her safety.

Glam Gold Cat Collar

Glam Gold Cat CollarIf you have a dapper gent on your hands, this bow-tie collar will perfectly reflect his regal nature. It comes in a variety of colors and prints to coordinate with his coat. He wouldn’t want to clash, after all.

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