2017’s Most Adorable Infant Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween

Halloween is way more fun when you have a baby to dress up. It’s true — an itty-bitty costumed cutie is the ultimate treat on Oct. 31. No trick here — just pure, unadulterated adorableness. From sweet and sassy costumes for a baby girl (hello there, wee little Wonder Woman) to giggle-worthy getups for your mini munchkin of a man, you’re going to want to buy every last infant Halloween costume you lay your eyes on. And why not? Now is the time to take advantage of your ability to make all the dress-up decisions. Make the most of it and take lots of photos, because before you know it your go-with-the-flow flamingo will turn into an opinionated Elsa, insisting on wearing the same “Frozen” costume as every other kid on the block year after year. Until then, you have the ultimate doll to dress up this Halloween: your very own baby boo!

Unicorn Costume

The unicorn trend is still going strong. Enjoy this magical moment with your little love and have a happy Halloween.

“Star Wars” Yoda Costume

Dress like Yoda you can, with this super-cute cinema-inspired costume — perfect for your future “Star Wars” fanatic.

Werewolf Costume

Nobody could be afraid of this not-so-big, not-so-bad wolf. This Howl-oween costume is a great fit for fearsome, fuzzy and fussy babes.

Sunflower Costume

Your budding beauty (get it?) will keep cozy in this bunting and look like a ray of sunshine. Costumes for newborns don’t get any sweeter.


Wonder Woman Costume

It’s the “it” costume from this year’s ultimate movie, but in miniature form. Celebrate girl power and all the wondrous things your little lady will do with this super costume.

Banana Bunting Costume

Yes, sometimes newborn babies act bananas. Embrace the cray days of early infanthood with this humor-filled and potassium-rich bunting costume. 

Sea Turtle Costume

This tiny turtle might be the cutest sea creature you’ll ever see. A jumpsuit and plush shell make for a comfortably cozy outfit for a newborn.

Sushi Costume

A little soy sauce and some wasabi, and you’ve got yourself a yummy meal. Who needs candy when you’ve got sushi?

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