Big-Ticket Father’s Day Gifts for a Special Event

There are some years when Father’s Day coincides with a special event, whether it’s an anniversary, a promotion, a milestone birthday or another big event. During these years you may want to surprise your dad or your children’s dad with a bigger Father’s Day gift than usual. Big-ticket gifts can be hard to choose. When you’re investing a significant amount of money in a gift, there is pressure to make sure it’s spent on a gift that will be treasured. This thoughtful gift guide will help you find the perfect present for a special occasion.

Choosing a Special, Personalized Gift for Father’s Day

Finding the perfect gift to show your appreciation isn’t always easy, but there are hundreds of options to choose from no matter what kind of man your father is. When it comes to choosing special gifts for dads, there are a few routes you can take.

Experience gifts

Finding material gifts for parents isn’t always easy, because they tend to already have big-ticket items, such as watches and jewelry. Experiences and trips, however, offer a chance to make memories that will last far beyond the moment the gift is given.

Luxury items

Luxury items, such as watches and jewelry, are commonly given as big-ticket gifts for special occasions, because they can be kept for a lifetime to commemorate the special event.

Electronic gifts

Electronics, such as TVs, video game consoles and other high-tech gadgets, make great gifts for special Father’s Days when you want to make a splash. An electronic item can also be a practical gift for your dad and enhance his day-to-day life. 

Hobby-centric gifts

Whether your dad — or your husband — loves the outdoors, fishing, golfing, tech or cars, a creative gift that concerns their favorite hobby is always a good idea. If there’s a fishing rod he’s always wanted or a retro gaming console he’s never been able to forget, this could be the perfect time to make him smile.

What to Consider When Choosing a Father’s Day Gift

When searching for the perfect gift for your dad this Father’s Day, there are three things you should consider: your budget, your father’s hobbies and any items he may need or want, such as a new watch. With that in mind, you’ll be able to narrow down the thousands of possibilities until you have a manageable pool of potential gifts to choose from.

10 Big-Ticket Gift Ideas for an Extra-Special Father’s Day

Don’t worry if you’re stuck for ideas this Father’s Day. There are lots of options out there. You just need to know where to find them. This big-ticket gift guide is full of ideas that could put a big smile on your father’s face.

  1. A vinyl record player

Is your father a music lover? The warm crackle of vinyl records has no equal, and many music aficionados prefer the allure of the vintage medium. If your dad has a collection of old vinyl records and nothing to play them on, a record player could be the perfect big-ticket gift for Father’s Day this year. The U-Turn Audio Orbit Plus Turntable is compact yet powerful, with anti-skate features and a precision gimbal tone arm. It’s the ideal gift for a music-loving dad who has limited space for new gadgets.

  1. A fishing rod

Whether your dad likes to fish in rivers, lakes or out on the ocean, a new fishing rod is the perfect big-ticket gift to show him your appreciation. His preferred fishing methods and locations will have an impact on which rod is best for him, so it may be a good idea to ask some of his fishing buddies for advice if you don’t typically go fishing with him. If you want to make the gift really special, add some lures too.

  1. A gaming console

Video games are a great way to escape the stresses of life, but they also provide an opportunity to spend quality time having fun with people you love. If your dad is an avid gamer who likes to keep abreast of new technology and also enjoys retro favorites, then an Xbox X Series could be the ideal big-ticket Father’s Day gift to celebrate a milestone year or landmark achievement. The X Series is the most powerful gaming console on the market, and it’s known for the stunning clarity of its graphics. If your father prefers other consoles or sticks to vintage video games, there are dozens of options to choose from. 

  1. A racing day experience

Experience-based gifts are a popular choice for marking a special occasion or milestone, because the memories far outlast the gift itself. If your father loves cars and is a bit of an adrenaline junkie, a race day experience that puts him in control of a high-powered car could be a thoughtful and creative gift that will put a smile on his face. If racing isn’t his thing, you could opt for other experiences, such as a hot air balloon tour, flight lessons or even a cooking class with a Michelin-star chef. The sky’s the limit.

  1. An HD TV

Whether he’s a cinephile, a gamer or a sports fan, every dad needs a great TV to unwind in front of. Giving your dad a great HD TV as a big-ticket gift on Father’s Day is not only a great way to help him relax after work or ensure he catches the big game in style, but it will also make family movie nights and game tournaments more fun. There are hundreds of options, but a large, lightweight TV, such as the Sony KD43X85K 43-Inch HD TV, is a good option. The smart TV is compatible with Google TV, has super 4k resolution and is wall mountable to save space.

  1. Tickets to a music festival

The perfect mix of a music-based gift and an experience gift, tickets to your dad’s favorite music festival could be a big-ticket Father’s Day gift he will never forget. When looking for festival tickets, there are a few things you should consider. First and foremost, think about his musical taste. Coachella may be the big event of the year, but if your dad prefers heavy metal or classical music, it won’t be his cup of tea. Second, think about accommodations. If your father is older or has mobility issues, camping is unlikely to be suitable for him. Most festivals have glamping accommodations, however, so that could be a great option for dads who like their creature comforts.

  1. Camping gear

Outdoorsy dads who love to hunt, fish and spend time in the wild need good gear to keep them happy, safe and comfortable. If your dad fancies himself a survivalist or just loves to spend time in forests and mountains, good camping gear, such as an all-season tent, a lightweight camping stove or top-of-the-line hiking boots, can make all the difference on his next big adventure. These thoughtful gifts will help your dad carry a piece of you wherever the wind takes him, and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing he has the best equipment while he’s out and about.

  1. A family trip

Sometimes all a hardworking dad really wants is to spend a few days with his family in a nice place with nothing to do but find pleasant ways to pass the time. If you’re marking a special event or occasion this Father’s Day, planning a family trip to surprise him could be the best option. Whether it’s a day or two at the beach, a cruise or a trip to a cultural hub filled with museums and historic landmarks, the real gift is quality time and the chance to make memories. When planning a trip like this, think about what activities your father enjoys. If he’s an art lover, plan to go somewhere with galleries and museums. If he loves country music, a journey to Graceland could be the trip of a lifetime.

  1. A new watch

Timepieces are common gifts for big events and occasions because of their symbolic nature and beautiful appearance. There is a watch for just about every kind of person: simple, sleek watches for professionals; robust, water-resistance watches for sporty people; and flashy, embellished watches for people who like a bit of luxury. A watch that matches your dad’s lifestyle and aesthetic preferences is sure to put a smile on his face.

  1. Artwork

If your dad is a cultured man who loves art and enjoys spending time in galleries, buying him a piece of original artwork is a great way to show him how much you care. Whether you choose a piece from an artist he loves or you look for a piece you know will speak to him and suit his tastes, original pieces are not just great gifts, but also sound investments. Better still, original pieces are unique. Unlike prints that are made en masse, an oil painting or sculpture is truly one of a kind.


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FAQs — Big-Ticket Gifts for Father’s Day

How can I make Father’s Day special?

Spend time with your dad and make an effort to do things you know he likes on Father’s Day. Whether it’s breakfast in bed and time looking through some favorite family photos, a day of fishing, time working on the family tree together or even a movie marathon, Father’s Day is a day to let your dad do what he likes most. Of course, a nice cake and a thoughtful gift can only enhance the day.

What is the best Father’s Day gift?

The best Father’s Day gift depends on the person. Many people would say quality time is the best gift of all. Like mothers and grandparents, most dads just want to know they are loved and appreciated. Of course, creative gifts that show you know them and appreciate them as people beyond their role as a father will be appreciated.

What gifts should I avoid giving on Father’s Day?

There is no gift that should be universally avoided on Father’s Day, but there are some that are a bit cliché. Neckties are the most commonly given Father’s Day gift in the U.S. Many men appreciate a nice necktie, but it’s not a very creative gift. If you want to show your dad how much you appreciate him, put some thought into getting a gift that shows you pay attention to him rather than giving him some gift certificates or cologne. 

Why is Father’s Day important?

Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is important because it creates a regular opportunity to show love and appreciation for our dads. We can show how much we care and appreciate them throughout the year, but having a special day is a bigger, more cohesive way to recognize how important fathers are in the lives of their families.

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