Father’s Day Gifts for Every Special Type of Dad

Dad and daughter experimenting with electronicsFather’s Day is coming up! For Father’s Day gift ideas that go beyond the expected, we are covering nine gift ideas for dad that are all about him. When you select a gift for the father figure in your life, don’t just think about the man he is today. Consider the guy who spent all those decades growing into the dad you know. Here are our top nine Father’s Day gifts, specially selected by dad type. Search for a gift promo code at Ebates and you can get the best gifts for dad with big savings.


The New Yorker magazine cover
The Gift: Subscription to the New Yorker

Why He Will Love It: For a dad who has never been afraid to tell people what he thinks, we recommend a subscription to a news and politics magazine from Magazines.com. Subscriptions are great gifts for men who say what they mean because they last all year and every new issue brings new topics of conversation. Give your dad something to talk about and you can earn Cash Back at Ebates, too.


Oxblood flat pouch satchelThe Gift: Flat Pouch Satchel

Why He Will Love It: This guy has been everywhere and done everything. Some of his stories are unbelievable. Like really, not believable. For a dad who’s a living legend, we recommend this stylish and sturdy satchel.This burly yet butter-soft, 100% leather pouch is small enough to fit in the glove compartment but big enough to hold all the absolute essentials for a life of adventure.


Blue ESQ watchThe GiftThe ESQ by Movado Watch

Why He Will Love It: If you can keep pace, he will show you how to get more out of a weekend than you thought possible. This is a guy with goals and a will of steel, a guy with a great resume. For a dad who works hard and plays hard, we recommend the stainless steel and silicon ESQ watch by Movado. The ESQ keeps perfect track of hour, day and month all inside a sleek face. Plus it’s both durable and stylish so dad can keep track and keep up, from the boardroom to the boat.


Personal organizer setThe GiftPersonal Organizer Set

Why He Will Love It: His favorite saying is, “If you’re not early, you’re late.” For the guy who never misses an appointment, knows the birthdays of all the neighbors and wants to keep track of all the local events and happenings, we recommend this classic leather planner. He can make notes about all the local happenings with this stylish ledger.


Film to Digital ConverterThe Gift: Wolverine 7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter

Why He Will Love It: In every family, there’s a record keeper. For the dad who knows where everything is because that’s where it belongs (and for heaven’s sake, don’t move it!) we recommend this incredible gadget that converts most films into digital files and automatically archives them. Preserving the past has never been so futuristic nor so compact.

Father's Day Gifts for Every Special Type of Dad 5

Black cutlery blockThe Gift: Cutlery Block

Why He Will Love It: Has your father ever made a dish that had the word “surprise” in the name? That’s the hallmark of a man with a passion for food. For dads who could give Gordon Ramsay a run for his money, we recommend this 13-slot Cutlery Block by KitchenAid. This cutlery storage block helps keep his most frequently used knives sharp and close at hand.

Dad Type: Star Space CamperLaminated map of the Milky WayThe Gift: Milky Way Wall Map

Why He Will Love It: For a dad who never really got over not becoming an astronaut, we recommend this laminated wall map of the Milky Way from National Geographic Store. Every possibility is open to you when you find the right perspective. This computer-generated model incorporates the positions of hundreds of thousands of stars and nebulae within the galaxy. Who says Father’s Day gifts can’t blow your mind?


Engraved personalized coach whistleThe Gift: Personalized Sports Whistle Set

Why He Will Love It: He wore a jersey to your graduation. He wore a jersey at Thanksgiving dinner. Whether he’s a fan or a fanatic, for a dad that has always kept score, we recommend this personalized coach whistle. Every sports lover knows that the man with the whistle is king.


Leatherman multitoolThe Gift: Leatherman Crunch Multi-Tool

Why He Will Love It: If your dad loves to fix things up instead of throw them out, we recommend the only multi-tool on the market with locking pliers from the trusted Leatherman brand. It has every tool a tinkerer could ever want in one pocket-sized package. Plus, it looks like something Chuck Norris would use.


Bootlegger Bourbon Gift BoxThe GiftBootlegger Bourbon Gift Box

Why He Will Love It: His idea of unwinding at the end of a long day might include a comfy chair, the remote control, a libation and a tasty snack. That’s all the man needs for a recharge. He probably already has the chair and remote covered so fill in the blanks with this scrumptious gift box, complete with roasted cashews, toffee peanuts and mocha lentils. Sometimes the best Father’s Day gifts are simply delicious.



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