Cost Analysis of Your Favorite Movie Weddings

Whether it’s walking down the aisle in Princess Buttercup’s gown or getting an entire chorus to sing “All You Need Is Love” after your first kiss, you’ve probably dreamed of how your own wedding could be just like the ones in the movies. That got us thinking: How much would it cost to throw some of our favorite movie weddings?


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Ebates Movie Weddings Infographic

First off, we gathered estimates of how much the iconic weddings from our favorite movies would have cost in their respective time periods. In 19th-century Denmark, the wedding festivities of “The Little Mermaid” would’ve set you back approximately 43,297 krones, which is equivalent to $64,496. Vito Corleone’s wedding for his daughter in the 1945 film “The Godfather” was $46,730. Next, fast forward in time to 1987, when getting hitched in “The Wedding Singer” would’ve been $7,763. In 1991, the “Father of the Bride” would be shelling out $34,365 to get his daughter hitched. The “Kill Bill” wedding, in 1999, was a bargain at $500. Then again, they never really made it to the reception. The event all six seasons of “Sex and the City” was building toward in 2008 would’ve been $229,869. Saying “I do” in “I Love You, Man” in 2009 came out to $48,061. Perhaps our most expensive wedding is “The Princess Bride,” which took place in the Renaissance Era and cost 20,000 ducats, which is equivalent to just under $3 million!

The average cost of a wedding today in the United States, excluding the honeymoon, is approximately $32,642. Catering alone costs $68 per guest. With that figure in mind, let’s see how much each of the movie weddings would have cost based solely on the number of guests in attendance: “Kill Bill,” $748; “The Little Mermaid,” $5,100; “Meet the Fockers,” $6,936; “I Love You, Man,” $9,560; “The Graduate,” $9,656; “Father of the Bride,” $10,200; “The Wedding Singer,” $11,900; “It Happened One Night,” $12,376; “The Best Man,” $12,240; “The Princess Bride,” $14,960; “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” $16,320; “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” $16,864; “Wedding Crashers,” $20,400; “Love Actually,” $21,080; “Bridesmaids,” $21,800; “Sweet Home Alabama,” $24,840; “Sex and the City,” $30,600; and “The Godfather,” $37,400.

Next we compared where these weddings took place. In “Love Actually,” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and even “Kill Bill,” the couple decided to exchange vows the traditional way, in a church. The average cost to get married in a church, based on our movie wedding estimates, came out to $32,161.

Some of our on-screen couples decided to go no farther than their own backyards, as was the case with “It Happened One Night,” “Father of the Bride” and the memorable Corleone Estate of “The Godfather,” filmed on Staten Island. The average cost of the backyard weddings from our collection of films came out to $66,565.

Other movie weddings took place in unique locales, like “Sex and the City” in the New York Public Library or “Bridesmaids” in the scenic Los Angeles County Arboretum in Arcadia, California. We even learned from “The Little Mermaid” that the perfect place to marry a mermaid is on a ship. Our average cost for a movie wedding at a venue: $86,013.

So who actually made it down the aisle? Couples in “The Little Mermaid”; “The Godfather”; “Father of the Bride”; “My Best Friend’s Wedding”; “The Best Man”; “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”; “Love Actually”; “Meet the Fockers”; “Wedding Crashers”; “Sex and the City”; “I Love You, Man”; and “Bridesmaids” all were pronounced husband and wife. Meanwhile, fate or just cold feet halted couples in: “The Princess Bride,” “It Happened One Night,” “The Graduate,” “The Wedding Singer,” “Kill Bill” and “Sweet Home Alabama.”

What’s the worst way to crash a wedding, you may wonder? In “The Princess Bride,” it was dashing heroes coming in for the rescue, while assassins stopped the wedding and gave the bride something to avenge in “Kill Bill.” Perhaps the crasher we all remember is Dustin Hoffman’s character in “The Graduate,” banging on a glass panel, screaming, before escaping with the bride. Hopefully your wedding has a far better outcome — and it’s death that makes you part, not Dustin Hoffman.


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