6 Easy Resolutions You Can Actually Stick With in 2019

Each year, we set resolutions and attempt to stick to them the best we can. The problem is that most resolutions are too lofty or complicated. The key to any resolution is picking something you can realistically do all 365 days of the year. Use these six ideas to get the most out of 2019.

Piggy bank

Save more cash

Ask anyone if they’d like more money in the bank and the answer will be yes. It doesn’t take much to get going on this resolution. Start by putting $5 aside each week. It doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up. Another easy way to add some extra digits to your bank statement is shopping with Ebates for the things you were already planning to buy. You’ll get Cash Back on everyday purchases, which you can add to your savings account. Before you know it, you’ll have a nice little nest egg.

Make time to meditate

Meditation is one of the most underrated and easy self-care practices. It can do wonders for your mood, focus and energy levels. With apps like Headspace and Calm, it’s easier than ever to make a resolution to meditate. Essential oils really add to the experience, especially if you choose oils known for their calming or stress-relieving properties. I personally like lavender because it helps me relax. Start with an oil like this one from Ellia and add new scents to your collection throughout the year.

Create a realistic fitness plan

Exercise is one of the most popular resolutions, but it’s also one with which few people follow through. The keys to a long-term exercise resolution are making it fit into your life and being realistic. In 2019, try to stick to one activity per day, no matter how small. Maybe it’s 20 push-ups one day and an hour on a treadmill the next. You don’t need to destroy yourself in the gym every day to see results. My favorite tool for sticking to this plan is the TRX suspension trainer. It’s easy to set up, packs up nicely for travel and allows you to do hundreds of exercises.


Drink more water

Most of us could benefit from more water on a daily basis, but few are mindful enough to make it happen. When you actually track your water consumption, it’s shocking how big a gap there is between what you think you drink and what you actually consume. Fix that with a smart water bottle. This one from TechComm provides automatic notifications when it’s time to take a drink.

Get and stay organized

This is an easy resolution to start but hard to stick with if you’re not committed. There are so many apps and programs to help you organize your work and home life that it’s hard to choose which one is right for you. I prefer Google calendar and Evernote because they cover all of my needs. It all boils down to the tools you’ll use most often. Plan to start the year off organized and take stock of your progress at various checkpoints during the year. It’ll lead to less stress and increased productivity.

Get better rest

We’re all busier than ever these days, leaving little room for personal time. The result is we stay up later to try to fit in everything and end up getting less sleep. Make a resolution to focus on your rest this year with the Philips Wake-Up Light. The light gradually lulls you to sleep with a sunset and gently wakes you up in the morning with increasingly brighter light. It’s said to help you have more energy and improve your mood.

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