Easy Tips for Finding Men’s Clothing Deals

Overhead shot of men's clothing and accessoriesLooking dapper is an art. Like many other skilled crafts, it can be a costly endeavor. But dressing to the nines doesn’t have to cost you every pretty penny in your bank account. You can achieve a stylish ensemble that will impress without deviating from your well-thought-out budget.

Whether you’re shopping for men’s clothing for yourself or for the stylish male in your life, Ebates can help you create a wardrobe filled with the high end look for less. From basics to accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Man wearing a suit talking on a cell phoneSuits Under $500

The Why: A fine suit is the staple to any man’s wardrobe. While it may or may not be something you wear every day, a well fitted suit is a requirement in men’s clothing. Men’s suits come in a variety of styles, cuts and colors to cater to your personal liking.

The Where: Men’s Wearhouse will cater to your every need so that you’re prepared for any occasion. There’s also Indochino for a custom cut delivered to your door. A suit is the perfect purchase to earn Cash Back at Ebates.

Dress Shirts Under $40

The Why: Your wardrobe should include at least a couple of nice men’s dress shirts. They can be worn at work, to a nice dinner party or even to your cousin’s wedding. No matter where you’re wearing it, there are plenty of options. Solids can be found in every color imaginable and there are also a variety of patterns, including striped and plaid.

The Where: Discover what fit works best for you at JCPenney and check out all of their great deals on men’s clothing.

Man wearing a blazer using a tabletBlazers From $75-$175

The Why: Blazers are more of a why not situation. A blazer can instantly take your look up a notch. Use it over an Oxford or even over a tee shirt. Men’s jackets can be paired with dress pants or add sophistication when you’re in jeans. Stick to a nice neutral like navy, gray or black.

The Where: J.Crew Factory has blazers for day or night so you can create the look you need easily and still stay within your budget.

Cufflinks & Tie Bars Starting at $20

The Why: Unless you work in an office environment, cufflinks and tie bars are not something you’re going to find yourself using every day, but they’re important to have. Nicer men’s shirts will almost always require cufflinks.

The Where: While these items can range well into the hundreds, you can easily find nice options at Macy’s starting at $20 in various finishes and styles.

Man in suit adjusting his tieTies Starting at $15

The Why: Many men will tell you a tie is a reflection of the man wearing it. Maybe that explains why there are so many styles, patterns and textures to choose from. Choose from classic and timeless looks or go with something a bit more bold and edgy.

The Where: When you’re looking for the biggest selection and variety, it’s best to go directly to Ties.com.

Jeans From $20-50

The Why: There’s a legitimate reason why jeans have been a staple in men’s clothes for so long. But over the years jeans for men have changed greatly. The loose and lighter colored styles have been traded in for fitted and darker styles that look great no matter the occasion.

The Where: Kohl’s has you covered for great prices on denim, including some of the top brands around. You can often pair their sales with a promo code to really maximize the savings.

Casual Dress Pants From $49-100

The Why: There are plenty of occasions where neither suit pants nor jeans are appropriate. That’s where casual dress pants come in. Chinos and cords are great for work wear, weekends and general every day looks.

The Where: Peter Manning NYC has modern cuts and different color options so you can dress well for work without spending your entire paycheck.

Overhead shot of men's dress shoesDress Shoes Starting at $30

The Why: You can’t walk around barefoot so cover your feet stylishly. While it’s fully possible to go crazy and spend hundreds on dress shoes for men, it’s certainly not necessary. You can easily find what you need on a budget. And while we’re on the subject of needs, you’re going to need a pair in brown and another in black.

The Where: When you’re looking for variety, Shoes.com is going to offer you the biggest selection. You can even shop by lifestyle so you can find something right up your alley.

Sunglasses Under $100

The Why: Those precious peepers of yours need some protection. But you don’t have to forgo fashion for practicality. You can block the sun’s harmful rays while showcasing your personality in beautiful specs that don’t cost as much as your car payment.

The Where: Sunglass Hut will keep you looking stylish on sunny days with a great selection from some of the biggest names in sunwear.


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