22 Easy DIY Fall Crafts for Kids

Autumn leaves, pumpkin spice, spooky decor, sweet treats and all my favorite things about fall are here in this roundup of easy fall arts and crafts for kids. Crafting gives your kids a way to get their attention back into the physical world and is a nice way for you to connect with them through shared activities. Especially if they’ve been in online school, they could really use the break away from the computer! With your littlest ones, you’ll be “helping” quite a bit (which I’m always secretly excited about), but we’ve included a few ideas for your independent teens, too.

DIY Fall Crafts for Kids

Fall Wind Chimes

Maybe it doesn’t chime as in music, but looking for good additions for this craft is like a treasure hunt.

Pumpkin Spice Play Dough

Play dough with our favorite fall smells. It’s October and everything has to be pumpkin spice now. Just… don’t be tempted to take a bite.

Melted Crayon Pumpkin

I’ve seen a lot of crayon crafts, but this is the first one for pumpkins. Kids can handle operating the hair dryer and can get creative with their color schemes.

Monster Jolly Rancher Lollipops

Here’s the perfect Halloween “craft” for all those Jolly Ranchers you’re going to get this holiday!

Peanut Butter No-Bake Pumpkins

A little treat that kids can “craft,” much to their delight.

Paper Pumpkin Craft 

Simple paper strips transform into magical pumpkins! These are crazy cute and remind me of Jack and the Beanstalk. 

Autumn Leaf Painting 

Color outside the lines with your kids. Not going to lie, the autumn leaf crafts just don’t get old for me. Kindergarten-style leaf painting is totally soothing and just about on my level of artistic skill. 

Rope and Pom Pom Trees 

Use rope and puffy pom poms to make a seasonal tree. It’s surprising how elegant these can turn out, and better than I could ever draw a tree on my own. 

Paper Quilling Apple Craft 

Design a curly apple with paper. I love making the quills for these. It’s a great activity for fidgety fingers. 

Bark Owl Craft 

What a great way to use “found” materials, and you won’t need to replenish your craft supply. Different textures of bark could create a variety of owl friends!

Fall Leaf Suncatchers 

Let the light shine through these easy paper plate and leaf panes. I’m excited to have these up in my windows.

Acorn Marble Necklace 

A charm for fall! I think this marble necklace is genius.

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings 

Glue trinkets of fall to decorate the napkin rings for a fall mood. This will give your kids something to do while you’re preparing the actual Thanksgiving dinner. 

Lollipop Spiders 

Make a spooky pipe cleaner spider to protect your sweets. Perfect for sharing with friends. 

Glitter Mason Jar 

Something just for your pencils! This is so good for making a homey desk space. 

Apple Bird Feeder 

A sweet idea for attracting friends in your yard. This could be a great way to work in some bird watching later. 

Glow in the Dark Cauldron Halloween Slime

What kid doesn’t love slime? This neon green version that glows in the dark will be the highlight of any kid’s day.


DIY Fall Crafts for Teens

Skull Vases

Pretty fall flowers need a place to live appropriately during the spooky season, and these skulls from the dollar store make it crazy affordable.

Galaxy Pumpkin

An upgrade from your typical carved pumpkin, your teens will see this as a blank canvas for galaxy art or any painting of their choosing.

Halloween Mason Jar Luminarias 

A crafty teen could get very creative with their spooky silhouettes on these jars.

Skull Bath Bomb 

Using egg shapers is a genius way to make these bath bombs. 

Halloween Headband

Get into the spirit of things by crafting a hair accessory for the holiday.

If you’re looking for more ways to keep your kids busy at home, check out some ideas for engaging them in imaginative and educational play, as well as kits made just for kids to help them discover language, STEM, geography, and more.

Mariko is a high school English teacher who has three children, illegible handwriting and an obsession with mail-order artisan ice cream. She lives in Hawaii, but she makes a point to eat her way through big cities as often as she can.

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