Road Trip Essentials for Your Family

Going on a family road trip is lovely for bonding and seeing sights you would never have encountered otherwise. Showing your kids the magic of exploring new places will be forever part of their childhood memories. Although there are lots of important tools you’ll need for any journey by car, traveling with kids is its own kind of trip. We’ve put together a few essentials for spring break travel that will keep everyone happy along the way.

A Larger Van

Don’t discount the idea of renting a larger van for comfort’s sake. Many vans have been converted into camping vans. They’re easier to navigate than RVs, and built-in screens, comfortable chairs and more leg room will help with the are-we-there-yet problem. I also recommend Spotify Premium as your soundtrack, since you can download songs to play offline. The service now has more podcasts and access to stand-up comedy as well.

Kids' Atlas

Let your kids help plan the road trip with a kids’ atlas. Offline maps help them keep track of your journey and take away the feeling of a never-ending drive.

Travel Pillows

Travel pillows are a must for everyone’s comfort. They’re helpful both in the car and for any camping stops you make along the way. The Therm-a-Rest pillow is comfortable and packs small.


Sun Shades

Pick up a couple sun shades for your little ones’ windows so they won’t feel trapped in the back seat with the sun glare. Sunglasses for kids are handy too. These new Ray-Ban Wayfarer Juniors are affordable and kid-sized, and they protect from UV rays.


For fun along the way, bring a couple new games to pass the time. Rubberneckers is a mobile scavenger hunt that’s perfect for all ages, even if your kids need a little help reading.

Back Seat Organizer

I can’t count how many times I’ve had to pull over to find a toy that rolled under the seat or pick up a water bottle. For a family road trip, get an organizer that can keep all your travel toys, snacks and other items within little hands’ reach. 

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