Fourth of July Games for the Whole Family

Playing games with family and friends can be a great equalizer. If there’s a game that kids can win against adult opponents, victory is so much sweeter. For this Independence Day holiday, try out some games that anyone can play and win. Celebration on the Fourth of July shouldn’t only be fireworks!

Exploding Kittens

This game reached it’s crowdfunding goal in less than ten minutes for good reason. Everyone loves kittens, and everyone loves exploding kittens. Any age kid or adult will love the whimsical drawings and funny cards. The game combines some skill with chance so even the youngest player can win. After the kids are in bed you can break out the NSFW deck for the adults.

Glow Stick Beach Volleyball

All ages can play this version of volleyball after dark. The beach ball is easier to bat around while being more unpredictable and fun. Pick up a large pack of glow stick bracelets and make sure everyone involved has one around each wrist and ankle. Crack a few more glow sticks and slide them into a beach ball through the inflating spout. Then inflate and get playing. Buy a few of these beach balls, as sometimes an overzealous overhand slap or kick can pop one.

Water Balloon Basket Toss

It’s not a 4th of July party without water balloons. Gather up some plastic storage baskets; the kind with holes around all sides. Use these for a water balloon toss during the hot afternoon. Have players hold the baskets on top of their heads as a partner tries to throw water balloons into the basket from a specified distance. Start close up and move further away until you get some exclamations accompanying water balloon showers or pair up different sized kids and adults to make it even more challenging. Count up how many each partnership is able to save in order to determine the winner.

Red, White and Blue Tag

Split up into two teams. Hand out red, white and blue poker chips (one per person) to one team and have them line up along the edge of a yard or green area. The other team stands in the middle of the yard and attempts to “tag” out those who have poker chips as they cross the yard to the far side. Players give their chips to the person who tags them and are “out.” Players continue to cross back to the opposite side until all players are out, or until one of the taggers is able to collect one of each color chip: red, white and blue. Switch roles and start the game again for hours of fun before the fireworks start.



As the night winds down and you’re left talking in the dark, everyone can participate in Spotlight. Fill up a jar or bowl with performance tasks written on strips of paper. Examples could include: tell a joke, sing the chorus of a Disney song, show off your best dance move, spell large words aloud, etc. Then, circle up, turn off the lights and spin a flashlight in the middle of the circle. Whoever the flashlight shines on has to pick from the bowl, perform for everyone and then spin for the next performance. This is a game that everyone can win.

Minute to Win It

You’ve probably heard of this game, featuring challenges that must be completed in a minute. Make two teams and have one person from each team go head to head in outrageously entertaining competition. Here are a few that could be used for the Fourth of July. 

  • From a plastic bowl, sort red and white tic tacs into separate containers using only tweezers. 
  • Cut fish out of tissue paper and have players move their fish from a start to a finish line using only a fan. 
  • Make the tallest tower in one minute using alternating plastic cups and paper plates. 
  • Stack 50 quarters (featuring President George Washington) with one hand. 
  • Read the words to the national anthem, backwards. Every time you make a mistake, you must start over.

Red, White and Blue Giant Pick Up Sticks

Paint gardening bamboo sticks red, white and blue for a game of giant pick up sticks. Play in teams or individually; you might need a referee on standby for this one.

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