How to Get Kids Reading Over Spring Break

Little girl excited to read a bookWhen it’s spring break season, anything school-related can sound like “homework” to young ears. Like the joke goes: if you want to see a kid on vacation laugh, ask them if they’ve read any good books lately. But there are ways you can encourage your kids to read during their spring break, and when you shop top stores through Ebates, you can earn Cash Back and find great savings while you do it. Here are our top five tips for getting kids reading on spring break.

Shot of a young father lying in a tent fort with his children and reading them a book1. Make it Special

To encourage reading at home, create a unique reading space to make reading feel special. Whether it’s a nook behind the couch, a shady spot under a tree or the perfect spot where they can cuddle up in bed, having a special place or accessory related to reading gives it a sense of importance and encourages imagination. Find a great deal on comfy reading pillows and kids’ rugs at Kohl’s, some LED String Lights at Macy’s, or a fun kids’ lamp at Walmart. Search for a kids’ room promo code at Ebates for extra savings.

2. Set the Mood

If your kids are out and about during spring break, try matching the book to the ambiance instead of the other way around. For example, ghost stories are perfectly paired with camping, as are survival/adventure stories for the young adult set or even nature-related poetry for the advanced reader.

3. Set a Trend

Reading is an adventure, and when you go on an adventure, it’s always more fun when you bring a friend. Buy two copies of a book, one for your kid and one for them to give away. This will allow your child to read along with someone else and have someone to discuss the book with. Find big savings on the hottest titles in young adult fiction and get Cash Back at Ebates while saving even more with a children’s books promo code.

Boy reading on a tablet or iPad4. Embrace Technology

While good old fashioned paper can never be completely replaced, reading technology is changing the way we read. We have books that read to you, eReaders that put an entire library in your pocket and smart pens that digitize your handwritten notes. It’s almost enough to make up for still not having flying cars. Search for eBooks coupons and promo codes at Ebates and get insider savings on the latest in reading tech.

Portrait of cute girl sitting under blanket and reading a book5. Buy It for Life

Although the digital age is great for gadgets, and the best keepsake of a good book is the memories, holding a copy of your favorite book can feel like shaking hands with an old friend. If your child finds a book or series they fall in love with, consider getting hardcover copies for their bookshelf. Although dog-eared paperbacks are the most likely to survive childhood and college, a well-bound book can last for generations and it puts your child’s formative reading experiences close at hand.

Reading is one of life’s great pleasures and when you make it an engaging activity for your child early on, you will make a reader for life. As a bonus to our top tips for encouraging your child to read on spring break, here are eight classic children’s book titles that are perfectly good books to read for first-time independent readers (ages 8-10). You can find these titles and more at BooksAMillion, Abebooks, The Book Depository, and Better World Books. Plus when you search for a children’s books promo code at Ebates, you can find great spring savings!



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