How to Get Gorgeous Wedding Hair

How to Get Gorgeous Wedding Hair

Your wedding photographs aren’t just another Facebook profile picture — these are the images you’ll be looking at for the rest of your life. To look your best on the big day, it’s important to be mindful of beauty appointments and upkeep, especially regarding your hair. Here’s a countdown to help you get everything under control.

One Month Before

Invest in a keratin treatment. If your hair is naturally wild or super frizzy, an in-salon keratin treatment can remedy the situation. Experts advise booking these one month before the wedding to get your texture in tip-top shape.

Find inspiration online. Anyone who has come home from the salon in tears over a bad haircut knows that style is subjective. Your version of loose curls may be totally different than your stylist’s. The best way to prevent miscommunication is to search for pictures. Pinterest is an amazing tool. Pin the looks you love and consult with your stylist before the wedding to avoid any hairstyle confusion.

Two Weeks Before

Start conditioning. If you’re planning to wear your hair down, you’ll want it to look super healthy. Stylists suggest booking an in-salon deep-conditioning treatment to repair split ends and leave your hair looking silky. You also may wish to invest in a deep-conditioning hair treatment to use once a week to increase softness.

Fix your color. Whatever your dream shade, this is the time to book your colorist. It’ll give the dye a chance to settle and still look fresh without roots growing back in. Although a bold hue is one way to make a statement, many experts recommend keeping it natural. This is a day when you’ll want to rock the color that makes you feel most like yourself.

One Week Before

Get a trim. Stylists don’t recommend dramatic changes prior to the wedding — it’s already a sensitive time and any major snip could send you into a spiral. Book a stylist you trust and opt instead for a light trim.

Add shine. Dirt, oil and products can leave hair looking less than lustrous. Try a clarifying product to cut out gunk. You also can schedule a last-minute in-salon gloss treatment.


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