How to Pack Smart for Your Winter Vacation

Traveling in winter has its own challenges: heavy, bulky clothes; space for extra gear, like umbrellas, gloves and scarves; and, of course, weather delays. Here are my travel packing tips to help you avoid being weighed down by the weather.

Eagle Creek Warrior Rolling Duffel

Pick up a space-maximizing carry-on so you won’t have to check a bag in case your flight is delayed. If you are stuck in the airport for several hours, you may want access to your personal items.

Patagonia Travel Tote

Bring a lightweight day pack so you’ll have a place to put sweatshirts or hats as you shed your layers.

Keds Women’s Scout Boots

Trade in your walking shoes for comfortable — but durable — boots.


Craghoppers CompressLite Jacket

Wear your lightweight winter jacket during travel so you don’t have to waste suitcase space. Even better, pick up a jacket that doubles as a travel pillow.

Smartwool Lightweight Socks

Put your heaviest items at the bottom of your bag, and stuff your shoes with winter socks and gloves.

Cresta Wool Midweight Base Layer

Replace some of your extra sweatshirts and other bulky clothes with a set of quality thermal underwear.

Space Mates Compression Bags

Use compression bags as space-savers for your sweaters (and everything else).

Extra Considerations

If you’re going to do a lot of outdoor walking and you don’t plan on staying in one place, bring plastic bags to store wet items during travel. And you’ll still need sun protection, even during winter! Don’t forget to put sunscreen and moisturizer on your travel packing list.

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