How to Shop End of Summer Sales Like a Pro

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The end of the season is fast approaching. Soon, the weather will change, the foliage will change and of course the fashions will change. For all of you summer lovers out there we have great news that will ease your transition into the cooler months. The end of summer is one of the best times to find great deals on clothes, home wares, seasonal goods and more. An end of summer sale at your favorite store can stock you up for a year or more, if you play your cards right. The key to banking big on end of summer sales is to shop smart. To secure your end of summer savings, make sure to shop with a summer deals promo code from Ebates. When you shop our top stores with these insider tips, you will find the best end of summer shopping and the best savings of the year with Cash Back at Ebates on every purchase.

1. Have a Battle Plan

The end of summer is full of holiday sales, specials on seasonal goods, closeouts and more. Check out the Hot Deals at Ebates to find out which of your favorite retailers are having Labor Day sales. Mark your calendar for when sales begin and end. Combine a promo code within the sale window and you could save even more when you buy. Make the most of a Labor Day sale and you will see that it pays to plan ahead – literally.

Woman browsing clothing racks2. Shop for Transitional Pieces

Look for layering pieces that can bring you from the heat of the summer into the cool, brisk air of fall. You can always depend on the classic looks from Ralph Lauren and Lacoste to transition your wardrobe seamlessly from late summer to early fall. Pick up a variety of pieces that can easily be layered. Still in love with summer colors? There’s no harm in having a pop of bright summer color highlighting the more neutral tones of your go-to fall wardrobe.

3. Stock up for Next Year

Thinking ahead to next year will help you make the most of your end of summer clothes shopping. Because retailers are turning over their summer inventory to make room for upcoming fall and winter fashions, this is a great time to stock your closet with basics for next year. No matter how styles change in a year, be sure to pick up wardrobe fundamentals like light fabrics, beach basics and accessories from versatile stores like J.Crew and you’ll be fully stocked and ready for next summer.

Checking out at the store with a credit card4. Make the Most of Loyalty Rewards

Just like some credit card companies offer per-purchase reward points or other incentives, many retailers reward their customers with free shipping offers, bonus rewards, store credit and more. So before you hit the big end of summer sales, check out the reward programs offered and make the most of every dollar spent.

5. Invite Your Friends

Every retailer wants to spread the word about their products. The best way to do that is to encourage shoppers to refer their friends and many retails offer rewards for referrals. The other great part about shopping with friends online is that you can comparison shop and see who can get the best deal on a specific item. A little friendly competition has never been so rewarding!

6. Don’t Fear Commitment

The shopping cart is your friend. You can fill your cart with dream goods and amazing bargains at will and then carefully cull it down before you check out. Don’t think of your cart as a place to put your purchases, think of it as a place to put potential purchases. It’s not an impulse buy if you don’t actually buy it! When you review your shopping cart before checking out, you might be surprised by how easy it can be to combine items and deals to get more of what you want for less.

Pretty young mom carrying lovely little daughter who's holding a beautifully wrapped present in her hand, they both smiling joyfully while talking to each other in front of the lighting decoration in the shopping mall7. Shop Now For the Holidays

There are fewer than 120 shopping days until Christmas. Now is the time to pad out your holiday shopping list with awesome end of summer deals. The end of summer is a great time to shop for summer-weight clothes, linens and towels at huge savings. With the kind of low prices you can find by shopping a summer sale, you’ll save enough to get yourself a little something special too!

8. Shop for the Family

The end of summer means the start of school. This is the time to find all the back-to school goods for your kids while you shop for yourself. Concentrate your shopping at department stores like Walmart and you can find great whole-purchase coupons when you buy everything from socks to snacks.

9. Watch for Price Adjustments

Did you fall in love with an item that just never seems to drop in price, even during the best end of summer sales? If you know you’ll wear it and love it, don’t be afraid to buy the occasional full price item among all your summer deals. Some of our top retailers, like Gap, offer price adjustments so that if an item you purchase goes on sale right after you buy it, you can get that deal after all.

10. Save Everywhere You Go

When it comes to saving money, you can never save too much. If you know how to work it, it is possible to find a coupon for almost every product and service out there. Groupon offers the best daily deals and coupons for your local retailers, restaurants and service providers and can save you up to 70%. Now that’s just good math.

What are your favorite end of summer shopping tips? Tell us in the comments below!


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