How to Throw an Epic End-of-Summer BBQ

Burgers and kabobs on a barbecue grill
Summer is almost a wrap and everyone is sad to see it go – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t throw it a goodbye party! As the last few days of summer will soon be here, now is the perfect time to throw an end of summer BBQ for your friends and family. Check out this simple list of BBQ tips and summer BBQ party ideas and get ready to get the gang together for one last summer shindig. As an added bonus, you’ll get Cash Back at Ebates with your purchase at any of the mentioned stores. Happy party planning!

1. Plan Your BBQ Menu Around Summer Favorites

Your final summer BBQ is a great time to feature everyone’s favorite summer BBQ food. Grilled shrimp, lobster, chicken and burgers are all premium choices. Make sure you don’t forget about those summer BBQ side dishes that you’ll miss the rest of the year, too! Veggie skewers, portobello burger bites, grilled corn, watermelon and a classic coleslaw will round out the meal. This is no time to skimp on your summer favorites! Throw a checkered tablecloth on those tables and live up the summer fun for one more day with a summer BBQ menu before fall officially arrives. Looking for fun summer BBQ ideas? Consider doing a BBQ sauce tasting! Cost Plus World Market has a great selection of sauces available online for your summer BBQ along with a ton of other great supplies to make your BBQ ideas come to life.

Patio Heater2. Consider the Temperature When Planning Your Party

Depending on your region, the end of the summer can mean cooler days and even cooler nights. Take your area’s climate into consideration and either plan to host your BBQ during the day or pick up some outdoor heaters from Walmart to keep your guests comfortable outdoors at night. Be sure to keep an eye out for an outdoor heater or lighting promo code as the summer comes to a close!

3. Prep Your Food Early and Offer Pitcher Perfect Drinks

Don’t miss out on your last party of the summer by spending the whole time cooking or mixing drinks – plan ahead! Make any food and drinks you can ahead of time to save your energy for the day of the party. You can make a big batch of your favorite summer drink ahead of time and put into it into a festive punch bowl from Crate and Barrel.

Vintage badminton rackets and shuttercock lying in grass4. Live it up With Some Summer Fun

Don’t forget about the games when it comes time to throw your end of summer BBQ party! Make it a party people won’t forget until next summer rolls around with great summer games like bag toss, volleyball, badminton or other summer classics. Set up some games, like an awesome horseshoes set from, and be sure to keep an eye out for an end of the season promo code.

5. Pack Away All Your Summer Stuff as You Pick Up

You can plan your party décor and activities around all the stuff that will need to be packed away at the end of the summer season. If the arrival of fall means the end of your outdoor party season, get your storage containers ready for the end of the party. You’ll tackle two tasks in one when you pack up your summer party supplies and tuck them away until next year. If you need storage bins, check out the amazing supply online at The Container Store and get everything you need to keep organized so you’ll be ready to launch the next epic bash next summer!

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