Quiz: What Fitness Routine Should You Try in 2018?

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You’re looking for a high-impact, intense way to blow off steam and stress. Boxing is the ultimate release, and it’s gaining popularity in 2018. Keep everything in place as you shake things up with this Nike Indy Logo Back sports bra.


Barre exercises are an excellent way to tone, shape and strengthen your muscles. The best part of the routine is you’ll be so focused on holding the positions that you won’t even remember that you’re working out. Step up your game with this cotton leotard from All About Dance.


Leisurely laps around a pool build muscle and soothe the soul. You can vary your routine with kick boards, a variety of strokes and water-treading spurts. Slip into this sleek one-piece from Lululemon. The high neckline is comfortable and practical as you glide along.




You’re bored in Bikram, yet Pilates pushes your limits. Find a happy medium with this new hybrid class. You’ll build muscles you never even believed were there and gain peace of mind in the process. Most class sizes are small, so you’ll receive ample attention as you work through the routine. These pants from Lululemon are fun and functional.

Belly Dancing

This workout takes you out of the gym and into a more experiential routine. Through rolls, hip drops and pivots, belly dancing works muscle groups in the abdomen, pelvis and spine. Keep comfortable with plenty of room to move in this mesh-back leotard from All About Dance.

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