The Most Relevant Pop Culture Halloween Costumes of 2016

Some love Halloween for its chills and thrills. Others love it because it’s the perfect time to tout your interests and earn some pop culture cred. Whether you are looking to wow your crew at the Halloween house party or surprise your kids with the coolest Halloween costumes on the block, check out our favorite pop culture Halloween costumes with Cash Back at Ebates. Don’t miss out on sales, coupons and promo codes from top Halloween costume stores. Get rock bottom prices on everything you need to make Halloween 2016 the best one yet.

In Memoriam

Prince and David Bowie Halloween costumes

David Bowie Glam Rocker Adult Costume, $53.99 (Walmart) | Velvet Prince, $54.99 (Halloween Mart)

We lost quite a few music icons this year, but maybe none as devastating as Prince and David Bowie. Pay them tribute in style with these complete looks.

Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn and Joker Halloween costumes

Harley Quinn Jacket & Shirt, $35.99 (Halloween Mart)Suicide Squad Adult Joker Costume Kit, $31.99 (Costume SuperCenter)

Some call them #relationshipgoals. Others just call them good old psychotic fun. Score Joker and Harley Quinn costumes from Suicide Squad to step up your couple’s costume game.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens Halloween costumes

Finn Deluxe, $49.99 (Halloween Mart)Grand Heritage Rey Women’s Costume, $98.90 (Wholesale Halloween Costumes) | Bb-8 Women’s Costume, $29.90 (Wholesale Halloween Costumes)

How cruel was it that Star Wars Episode 7 came out in December last year? You’ve had to wait 10 whole months to dress up like Rey…or at least have a good excuse to do so.

Finding Dory

Finding Dory women's costumes

Disney’s Finding Dory Dory Adult Costume, $42.90 (Wholesale Halloween Costumes)

Chances are, your kids loved Finding Dory and the obsession is still going strong. This costume is perfect for those parents looking to be good sports for their family’s group costume.

The Huntsman

The Hunstman Ravenna costume

Ravenna Skull Dress Costume, $54.90 (Wholesale Halloween Costumes)

Some of us have serious dreams of being a princess while others would rather rule their kingdom with an iron (yet manicured) fist. If you’re the latter, try the evil queen from The Huntsman on for size.


Sexy Pikachu costume

Pikachu Dress Women’s Costume, $44.90 (Wholesale Halloween Costumes)

People are STILL playing PokémonGO so this sassy Pikachu is definitely trendy. Just make sure no one catches you.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things Eleven costume

Stranger Things Eleven Dress, $79.00+ (Etsy)

DIY costumes are all fun and games until you realize you can’t sew. Luckily, the makers at Etsy have you covered. Create the Stranger Things costumes your friends will covet!

Stranger Things Barb dress

Stranger Things Barb Dress, $52.50 (Etsy)

In a world full of Nancys, be a Barb. With this plaid dress, all you need are thrift store glasses and a Trapper Keeper to become this beloved Bestie.

Ghostbuster Girl

Girls Ghostbusters Halloween costume

Ghostbusters Girl Costume, $21.84 (

The all-female cast of Ghostbusters still continues to be a huge deal for little girls everywhere. Remind yours that she can do anything, including save the day from monsters.


Zootopia kids Halloween costumes

Nick Wilde Classic Costume, $22.39 (Costume SuperCenter)Judy Hopps Classic Costume, $23.19 (Costume SuperCenter)

If your kids think Gazelle is the greatest singer of our time, they may have watched Zootopia 10-too-many times. Just go with it and grab them a Nick or Judy costume. They’ll go savage for it.

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