11 Remakes of ’90s Toys That Prove Your Childhood Was Magic

Have you ever found yourself wandering through a toy store, shopping for yet another birthday party and thinking, “What is all this nonsense?” The moment we start to not understand why our kids like what they like is the day we are officially old. Fortunately, some of our all-time favorite toys have been reissued and revamped while still maintaining that magical essence that made us produce eardrum-bursting screams as we unwrapped them on Christmas morning.

Let us take you on a little trip down memory lane with these totally fresh 1990s toys, from reboot action figures to the games that would get our adrenaline pumping. Grab a few to show the kids how cool it is to kick it old school. Or just treat yourself while earning Cash Back at Ebates and saving with a toy promo code! So what if you’re just a big kid at heart? At least you’re a big kid with a bank account.

K'NEX Imagine Classic Constructions Building Set

LEGO may be a young builder’s favorite, but K’NEX inspired true engineering and took your imagination to the next level. No wonder it stood the test of time!

Kitty Surprise

Today it may seem a little … graphic … to open the Velcro belly of a stuffed cat to reveal a litter of kittens, but what’s better than a toy with more toys inside?!


This Bumblebee action figure belongs to one of the coolest toy franchises in the universe. Transformers combine cars and robots; we dare you to think of something cooler.

Moon Shoes

Go back to the days when trampolines were uncool if you couldn’t wear them on your feet.


The Skip-It may have been a ploy by your parents to get you off the couch, but, nevertheless, it worked like a charm. Beating your own score was the ultimate win.


Bop It

Bop It was Simon’s cool little brother that made remembering endless sequences of color and sound mere child’s play. This thing was the grad school of memory games.


Forget flour and egg “babies.” If you wanted to learn real responsibility in junior high (and didn’t we all?), Tamagotchi was the way to do it. The thing literally died if you ignored it.


You may not remember the name Flutterbye because they used to be called Sky Dancers, after the beloved 1996 cartoon. 


Hairy creatures that speak their own language: What better way to immortalize Chewbacca? Get your “Star Wars” fan fix while revisiting the most classic of ’90s toys.

Super Soaker

Water fights in the backyard were never the same after Super Soaker came along. Show your kids how real H2O warfare goes down.

Vintage Barbie Dream House

Barbie has done quite a few renovations of her dream house, and you can easily score the latest style. But if you just can’t resist vintage ’90s toys, look to Etsy for the goods.

Which of your favorite toys would you like to see rebooted? Let us know in the comments below!


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