The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist

Wiping Down With a SpongeSpring is right around the corner! The time has come to finally banish clutter and evict all the dust bunnies that have gathered around the house. Whether you live in a tiny studio, a two-bedroom apartment or a house, there’s no time like the present to clear out the cobwebs with a blast of spring cleaning motivation. Wondering where to start? Tackling your whole home at once may seem like an impossible task, so here’s an easy breakdown of our handy spring cleaning checklist so you can take it one step at a time.

Ready, Set, Go… Make a List!

First up, make your own personalized spring cleaning checklist. When you’re ready to spring clean, get organized by identifying your target problem areas and then make a plan. Take a walk through your house and try to spot problem areas of serious clutter and grimy or dusty corners. Figure out which of the following areas need the most TLC in your home and start there. Make sure you don’t forget to check out notorious problem areas like inside your oven, fridge and shower. Sounds easy enough, right? Once you have your plan of attack figured out, you’re ready to set it into motion! Not everyone has the same spring cleaning list of to-dos, but here are some tips for the most common spring cleaning zones in the house.

Woman Cleaning KitchenBe Brave and Start With the Kitchen

Possibly one of the biggest hurdles to get over when it comes to spring cleaning is the unenviable job awaiting you in the kitchen. With so many surfaces that likely need a thorough wipe down, it’s time to put on the cleaning gloves, turn up the music and get to work. Don’t forget to get those extra icky places like the inside of your oven and under your stovetop. Has the fridge seen cleaner days? The area under the produce bins in the fridge can gather all sorts of liquid and runoff from the upper levels so make that a prime cleaning target for your fridge wipe down. Throw out any expired or spoiled food that is hiding in the fridge or pantry and round up any extra non-perishables that you might want to take to a local food bank. Once you’ve finished cleaning the various nooks and kitchen crannies, sweep the room, give it a quick mopping and move on down the list.

Cue the Horror Music and Clean the Bathroom

It won’t be that bad! Rivaling only the kitchen in terms of yucky grime buildup, giving your bathroom a deep clean is serious business and not for the faint of heart if it hasn’t had a thorough cleaning in a while. But don’t worry, the plan of attack here is similar to the kitchen. So keep those cleaning gloves on and get ready to scrub surfaces and toss away expired or empty goods. Start by clearing off sink, tub and shower surfaces of all your bath and beauty products and wipe the surfaces down, focusing on any cracks and corners where grime or soap residue may have accumulated. Throw away any old razors, empty containers, expired beauty products or medicine and check for nests of hair that may have accumulated around the drains in the sink and tub. After you give the toilet a thorough scrub down with your preferred bowl cleaner and vacuum and mop the floor, you’re ready to move on!

Messy Home OfficeTidy the Office or Desk Area

Whether you have a whole dedicated office, a work corner or even just a desk where all your important papers inevitably pile up, organizing files and papers are a spring cleaning must. With tax season quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time to get your documents and receipts in order by sorting out unfiled piles and tucking them away into the proper folders or filing cabinets. Don’t forget to dust off your computer or laptop and other surfaces. Once you vacuum the floors, it’s time for the next room!

Tackle That Living Room

This one should be pretty easy. Get started in the living room with dusting surfaces and electronics around the room. Don’t forget to vacuum under your couch cushions. It’s amazing how much grit can collect under there. Maybe you’ll even find that spare set of keys or your friend’s wallet that you knew your couch ate months ago! Vacuum the floor, under the furniture and in all the corners to make sure you catch all those hidden dust and hair tumbleweeds. Tidy up any blankets or pillows that are around and head to the bedroom for a nap.

Girl Lying on BedFreshen up the Bedroom

Spring tidying in the bedroom is equal parts clutter clearing, sorting and cleaning. Give all of the surfaces a dusting and vacuum even under the bed and behind any other furniture. Strip the sheets, throw them in the wash and swap out your winter bedding for a lighter spring option. If you rotate your mattress, this is a good time to do it! As you spring clean, don’t forget to tackle your closet or dresser. Spring is a great time to clear out the stuff that’s been hanging around, untouched for months, if not years. Pack up a box of your unworn clothing and shoes and donate them for some instant good karma and a tax deduction.

Check Off Those Last Few Odds and Ends

You’ve almost made it through another year of spring cleaning! Make sure you swap out any lightbulbs that need it and check your smoke detectors to see if they need new batteries. Don’t forget to shake out any carpets and vacuum underneath! Especially if you have pets, you won’t believe how much dirt, dander and fur can get trapped under your rugs, runners and kitchen mats. Once your home smells fresh and looks tidy you can check off every last item on your spring cleaning checklist and get to everyone’s favorite post spring cleaning activity: spring decorating!



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