The Ultimate Summer Camp Packing Checklist

Kids playing tug of war at summer camp

Heading off to kids camp for the summer is a rite of passage for many children. Learning independence and other essential skills, your kids will always remember their summers spent off at camp. While it means more free time for you, sending the kids off for a summer session of fun at camp can certainly trigger the helicopter parent in all of us. This checklist will help you make sure your kids have everything they need to be happy and healthy while they’re away and making the most of their summer camp adventures. As an added bonus, get fabulous Cash Back at Ebates on each of the featured items!

  1. Sleeping Bag: An absolute essential for sleeping away from home. Keep you eye out for a summer sleeping bag promo code at Ebates.
  2. Sunscreen: Keep your kids safe by sending them off to camp with an ample supply of sunscreen
  3. UV Protection Shirts: For when the sunscreen inevitably wears off, a UV protection sun shirt is a great way to block those harmful rays from kids’ sensitive skin.
  4. Sun Hat or Baseball Cap: A hat is another essential in the sun protection arsenal!
  5. Swim Suit: Lake, pool or ocean, summer swimming is a camp favorite!
  6. Beach Towels: Send the kids off to camp with a towel that can stand up to countless hours in the pool. Bonus points if it’s extra unique or labeled so they can’t mix it up with other kids’ towels.
  7. Medications: Pack any meds your kids may need in a watertight container that’s clearly labeled with their name.
  8. Toiletries: Depending on the age of your kids, they may want to pack these themselves but ensure that they take soap, shampoo and conditioner, deodorant and their toothbrush and toothpaste!
  9. Shower Caddy: Help your kid keep their toiletries and bathroom essentials together with a durable shower caddy.
  10. Reusable Water Bottle: Send your kids off to camp prepared to stay hydrated with a tough water bottle like a fun printed one.
  11. Bedding: Check with what your kids’ camp requires for bed sheets but be sure to send a pillow with a pillowcase from home as it can help to ease homesickness.
  12. Bug Spray: Many kids camps are perfectly situated in the great outdoors for fresh air – and mosquitos! Don’t forget the bug spray!
  13. Summer Clothing: Packing a variety of layers is a great way to ensure that your kids will be comfortable regardless of the weather.
  14. Sunglasses: Something fun and inexpensive will help keep your kids’ eyes safe without worrying about scratches or lost glasses.
  15. Deck of Cards: Pack some cards or other small, simple games to help your kid make some new friends!
  16. Camera: Help your kids capture their favorite summer camp memories with a camera. Pack them a durable waterproof camera like this one to avoid accidents and make sure they have the necessary batteries or charging accessories.
  17. Shoes, Sandals and Flip-Flops: Make sure your kids have the footwear they’ll need for whatever activities the camp has planned and don’t forget flip-flops for the shower!
  18. Laundry Bag: Help your kids keep their stuff organized at camp for laundry day with a handy laundry bag.
  19. Small Backpack: Day trips are an awesome part of the itineraries at many kids’ camps. Make sure your kids have a small bag to help them participate in and enjoy these trips.
  20. Spending Money: Double check camp policy before sending cash off to summer camp with your kid, but if it’s allowed, sending some allowance money along with them can be a fun way for them to get some practical experience budgeting money out across the summer.

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