How to Spring-ify Your Work Dress Code

Two female colleagues discussing work while walking alongside each other in officeSpring has sprung and the fashion icons have spoken. While you may be stuck behind a desk in your office space, you don’t have to forego the fun feeling and fashion of spring. Grab a pen and take notes because it’s time to cover what to wear and what not to wear for spring work outfits in this dress code guide from your friends at Ebates.

Don’t: Too Long Dresses

Everyone loves a good maxi dress. They’re comfortable. They’re effortless. They feel like a comfy blanket that you’re wrapped in all day. Unfortunately, that floor-length dress will inevitably get caught under the wheels of your chair and can look a bit sloppy when it’s too long, so it’s not high on the list of clothes to wear to work.

Dolce & Gabbana Pleated Floral-Print SkirtDo: Mid Length and Fun

You can enjoy the ease and comfort of a dress with the fun spirit of spring in your office wear. Choose a lively print and opt for a mid length dress or skirt that creates a nice bell silhouette. Saks Fifth Avenue has this gorgeous pleated skirt in a bright and bold print that can be used as office wear or for a nice weekend look.

Don’t: Anything Sheer

You’re going to spot plenty of sheer details in fashion this season but these looks are not intended as spring office outfits. Whether you work at a hip and young company or a conservative and formal place, the sheers should be left out of work outfits. There will be plenty of other times for you to show a little extra skin. If you’re donning anything with sheer, make sure the underlying layers are covering well.

Professional woman in skirt and blazerDo: Layered and Light

Layering is always a good idea for work clothing, especially when your workplace can be mistaken for an icebox. Pair a higher-waisted skirt with a neutral jacket and belt to create an elongating look that will make you feel tall and confident. The perfect looks are the spring work outfits that make you feel as great as you look.

Don’t: Exposed Shoulders

Nothing says relaxed yet chic quite like the look of a nice off-the-shoulder top. But this daring fashion trend is best enjoyed in any venue but the workplace. Even the most liberal work place dress code will typically steer you away from showing too much skin. There are plenty of ways to incorporate a vintage look into your work wear without getting scolded by your manager.

Pink peplum ruffle topDo: Peplum Cut Tops

Nothing says sophistication with style quite like a nice peplum top. The feminine shape of the above ruffled peplum top tailors to the body and bells out at the waist to create an appealing look. Too dramatic of a cut and you may find the look to be cartoonish, but a subtle effect is all you need. When paired with a gorgeous pencil skirt, you’ll have a great look that’s work appropriate but will also look nice when you join everyone for after work drinks.

Don’t: Thong Sandals

You may be ready to jet for the beach but the workplace is not where you want to be caught in this fashion faux pas. No matter how dressy the sandal may look, this style should be appreciated after hours. If the workplace allows it, you can let your toes run free, so to speak, without making a poor footwear choice.

Women's legs in orange shoes. Bright orange shoes and bag. Blue coat, orange classic ladies shoes and tote bag. Rainy day. Street fashion. Street style. Business casual look. Autumn outfit.Do: Fun Flats

You don’t have to wear sky-high heels to look like a million bucks. Enjoy all of the fun styles and cuts available in fashionable flats. Keep it dressy in black leather or make it playful with bold cotton prints. You’ll even find fun strappy and lace up styles this season. OnlineShoes has plenty of shoe deals to help you find the perfect spring footwear. Find shoe coupons for all of the latest trends and you’ll get the perfect finishing touch for your look.

Don’t: Daytime Sleepwear

As much as we’d all love to roll out of bed and into work wearing our comfy pajama clothes, you probably want to keep the silk nightgowns away from the office outfits. You’ll see plenty of the slinky slip dresses in style this season but beware. If you’re not sure if it is sleepwear or work wear, it’s best to skip it entirely.

Vero moda women's yin floral blazer - snow whiteDo: Fitted Blazers

Blazers aren’t just for men. These structured jackets are great with nearly any office look. A neutral toned blazer with a nice fitted shape looks good on every body type. Pair with a flowy skirt or colorful pants to keep a playful look professional. Or you can go ultra spring-y with this floral jacket paired with crisp slacks. Find a style that keeps you comfortable while boosting your confidence.

Work outfit ideas don’t have to be stuffy. You can have fun with your looks without any meetings with HR regarding your work dress code. Spring is the season of bright pops of color and your spring work clothes should be a reflection of that. Enjoy your look and you may find that you enjoy getting ready for work just a little bit more, even on a Monday. Maybe.



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