Spring Produce: Shop Smarter

Here at Ebates we are trying so hard to stick to keep up our healthy eating resolutions. One of the ways we are doing this is keeping ourselves very aware of new, tasty vegetables by trekking to any and all farmer’s markets. This past weekend we paid way too much attention to the flowers and dried fruit, so we decided to brush up on which fruits and veggies to pay the closest attention to at our next farmer’s market adventure. Here are Spring’s best produce options:










Apricots: we are going to grab some, chop them up and toss them in some Greek yogurt. Sprinkle with some almonds and voila – breakfast!













Asparagus: this is one of our favorite veggies. It’s so versatile. We have roasted it with a little olive oil, salt, & pepper. We have thrown it into an omelette with some cheese. We have eaten in a quinoa salad with various other veggies.









Beets: We are always struck by how sweet this veggie is. It hasn’t always been a favorite, but we have found ways to really enjoy it. Our favorite way to prepare beets is quite simple and VERY tasty. Cut off the stems and poke a few little holes in the beet with a fork or sharp knife. Then wrap them in foil with a little salt and olive oil. Bake at 350 for an hour. Once they are cooled a bit remove the skin, slice in pieces and sprinkle with some goat cheese and chopped chives.








Cherries: we aren’t huge fans of cherries, but are eager to give them another chance. Or maybe a few more. These could easily be pitted and served just like the apricots, or just snacked on in front of the TV.









Fennel: We are recent converts to team fennel after having it in a wonderful salad at a local restaurant. It was served sliced quite thin with tomatoes and pitted olives in a light vinaigrette. We know that doesn’t sound the most delicious, but it is worth trying.










Leeks: Leeks are one of our favorite veggies. They make everything taste better. We saute them in a little olive oil and throw them in fritattas, salads, soups, stews. They add a delicious onion-y flavor but less sharp and more sweet.








Peas: No shocker here that peas made this list. We are big fans of peas but don’t have a ton of recipes to share. We typically shell them and saute with a little salt and butter. A little fresh grated parmesean makes for a nice finish.











Rhubarb: We aren’t skilled in the art of pie making but love a good strawberry rhubarb pie. Grab these red and pink stalks because their season is quite short!

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