The Wordsmith’s Holiday Gift Guide


So you’ve got a writer on your holiday shopping list. Those darn creatives can be so hard to please. But rest assured, no matter how eccentric your beloved bookworm may be, they will literally love these unique gifts in our complete holiday gift guide for authors, essayists, journalists and bibliophiles. And as always, these amazing gifts for writers come with Cash Back at Ebates.

Writer’s Block Journal

writers block journal

See what they did there? This punny notebook will help your them journal through those rough patches when they can’t seem to string a single sentence together without hitting delete a million times.

Waterproof Notepad

waterproof notepad

If their best ideas come when they least expect it, don’t risk them slipping away in the time it would take them to grab a towel. This waterproof pad and pencil is ready to record their genius…or just remind them to buy shampoo.

Book Print Scarf

book scarf

Actions may speak louder than words but fashion speaks louder with word prints! This super soft scarf will tell the world, “Hey. I read.”

Guide to Literary Agents 2016

guide to literary agents

Keep it practical and show your support with this complete guide to scoring their very own literary agent. This shows way more confidence in their life choices than a gift card to Red Lobster.

iCyberry Laser Projection Keyboard

laser projector keyboard

There is nothing worse than having a flood of brilliance come to you, only to find your only way of capturing it is with your smartphone. This projection keyboard is portable so you can turn any Starbucks table into a writer’s den.

Shirt of Encouragement

writer shirt

Being a professional writer (or aspiring to be one) is rough stuff, guys. Any form of support is crucial. Help them be their own cheerleader with this clever tee so they can look in the mirror and tell the reflection,
“I got this…Also it’s laundry day.”

Book Cover Phone Case

book phone case

It may be just a clever phone case, but it also gives them the gift of their dreams–their name on a hard cover. Plus, how smart will they look while crushing candy on their morning commute?

Kate Spade New York Quotes Pen Set

kate spade pen set

Add a little flare to their work space with these playful Kate Spade pens featuring the sayings From The Desk Of, So Well Composed, To Whom It May Concern, Yours Sincerely and What’s The Word.

1928 Pen Necklace

pen necklace

The pen is mightier than the sword AND it makes a far better accessory. This opulent necklace from 1928 Jewelry will give their look a vintage yet functional touch. She’ll never be put on the spot when asked for an autograph now.




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