A Totally Fly 90s Holiday Gift Guide


If you’ve got a few millennials and Gen Xers on your holiday list this year, you should find gifts that, like, ya know, speak to them. This totally dope holiday gift guide features little pieces of 90s nostalgia that will take your holiday shopping from bland to boo ya! Add these to your online shopping list and get them with Cash Back at Ebates.

Jazz Solo Cup Shirt

Solo Jazz Cup Shirt

OMG remember these cups?! If you ever went to a mall food court and asked for a cup for water then totally filled it with soda instead, this iconic print was staring you straight in the eye as you committed beverage theft.

“As If” Wall Print

Clueless As If Print

This gift is actually a pretty useful tool. Let’s say your giftee has some friends over and they get into a heated discussion on which was the best high school movie of the 90s. When someone blurts out Can’t Hardly Wait or She’s All That, all your friend need do is point at this lovely wall print. *Mic drop*

Bayside Tigers Tee

Bayside Tigers Tee

Remind your giftee that you’ll be “friends forever” with this Bayside High sweatshirt as worn by the megababes on Saved by the Bell. Whether they were a jock or a Screech back in the day, they will appreciate this little bit of (fictional) school spirit.

Whatever Necklace

Whatever Necklace

Remind them of a simpler time when you could convey your disgust and sarcasm with one non-offensive hand gesture. This little necklace will tell everyone around them that they have eyes and are not afraid to roll them.

Poké Ball Dress

Pokeball Dress

Geo-print dress or perhaps the best cartoon reference ever? Gotta catch all the stares with this adorable Poké Ball skater dress.

As If! : The Oral History of Clueless

As If! The Oral History of Clueless

Know to complete story behind the legend. Celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Clueless with this book including original interviews with writer and director Amy Heckerling and key cast members.

Saved by the Bell Boardgame

Saved by the Bell

Game night just got a little more excellent. Time warp yourself back to the fun of Bayside High with Zack, Screech, Lisa, Kelly, Jessie and AC from the hit television series, Saved by the Bell. Try to play three “pranks” on the other players, then go out on a special date to win! *cue audience woooooooos*

Whatever: The 90s Pop & Culture Box

Whatever The 90s Pop & Culture Box

Stop. Hammer Time. This seven-CD box set has 528 minutes and 41 seconds of all the songs you forgot you loved, from Can’t Touch This to Cumbersome. And now you have Cumbersome stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

Beverly Hills 90210 Perfume

Beverly Hills 90210 Perfume

Smell the sweet scent of being filthy rich with a bottle of 90210 perfume! Make your giftee feel like a Kelly in a world full of Brendas with vibrant blend of floral notes.

Seinfeld Festivus Mug

Festivus Mug

You won’t have to endure any airing of grievances over this gift, perfect for any Seinfeld enthusiast on your list. Oh, they’ve never seen Seinfeld? What IS the deal?

A Sexy Poster of The Hoff

The Hoff Poster

Don’t you worry. It’s going to be alright. Because he’s always ready. He won’t let you out of his sight. Commemorate the greatest era in acting history with this tantalizing David Hasselhoff poster from Baywatch.

Mortal Kombat Pog Earrings

Mortal Kombat Pog Earrings

This is a twofer, guys. Mortal Kombat AND pogs?! Could these handmade earrings be the most 90s gift of them all? We think so.

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