10 Ways to Live More Eco-Friendly

Happy Earth Day! Awareness for the earth is heightened today, but we need to be more conscious of how we consume every day. Consumption is not only about food – we consume when we shop, when we shower, when we drive and even when we pay our bills. Many people don’t realize a sustainable lifestyle is actually pretty easy to maintain and affordable. Check out these easy tips to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle and take care of our home.

Reusable Straws

Reusable straws are one of the best ways to reduce plastic waste. Straws hurt the environment, but more importantly, they hurt ocean life. Since reusable straws have become “trendy” (thankfully), you can find plenty of options made of metal, bamboo, silicone or glass to suit your preferences. We love these metal straws with silicone tips. Additionally, when you eat out and forget to bring your reusable straw, decline a plastic straw.

Reusable grocery bags

Many grocers have already been offering reusable grocery bags and canvas bags for sale ever since plastic bags started incurring a 10-cent fee (at least in California). We especially love this set of trolley bags because they make it easy to shop and move to your car.

Turn off the faucet

Excessive water usage is slowly but surely depleting our water sources. When you’re brushing your teeth or taking a shower, turn off your faucet and don’t let the water run. Avoid baths altogether as they waste the most water to fill the tub.

Paperless billing

More and more companies are offering the option to go paperless with your bills, statements and more. Some even offer discounts for helping them save on printing, mailing and the environment. Go through your accounts and check the paperless option boxes to save some trees.

Invoice papers
Girl shopping for clothes

Borrow, don't buy new

Instead of shopping for a new outfit for every event, ask your friends and family to see if there’s something you can borrow. Get crafty and upcycle a piece of clothing into something trendy and personalized. Host a clothing swap with a group of friends because one woman’s previously-loved item is another woman’s treasure. Buy secondhand from thrift shops, garage sales and more. We love the trends as well, but fast fashion ends up in mountains of clothes at landfills.


Eat less meat

The amount of meat we consume on a regular basis is proving to be detrimental to the environment. Pollution from fossil fuel usage, waste and water and land consumption are eliminating natural resources at a speed faster than we can afford. Experiment with vegetarian food and maybe you’ll start gravitating towards meatless options. Try Meatless Mondays or enjoy one meal of the day with no meat. If you’re concerned about cooking tasty vegetarian meals, try HelloFresh for exciting recipes and fresh ingredients delivered to your door, plus $10 Cash Back.

Reduce food waste

This strategy is great for the environment and your waistline. By shrinking your portions, you’re less likely to waste food and more likely to help with that diet you’ve been trying to maintain. It’s not shameful to go back for seconds, but it is guilty to toss excess food or convince yourself that you’ll actually eat it when you take it to-go. This portion control tool will keep your meals in check.

Walk instead

Or take public transportation. Leave the car at home, especially now that we’re in the middle of spring’s great weather, and get a few steps in if your destination is not too far. Any chance I get, I try to walk or plan my day around places that are within walking distance of each other.

People walking

Start a garden

This ties into the effects of agricultural production. If you have a few vegetables and herbs you know you always use, grow your own garden at home in your background or a small windowsill planter. You’ll be excited for your new green thumb, the money and grocery store trips you’ll save. Not to mention your personal hand in helping the environment. Check out this tomato growing kit for something fun and easy.

Pack your own lunch

Instead of buying lunch every day or wrapping it in plastic wrap, fix and pack your own lunch with reusable snack bags, lunch containers, salad boxes, thermoses and more.

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