Where to Go on Your Mini Moon

Where to Go on Your Mini Moon

Lots of newlywed couples are taking a long weekend or short week away immediately after their wedding to let down their hair and kick off their marriage with some relaxation, fun and time set aside just for the two of them.

For some couples, a long weekend away is plenty (and saves bundles!). For others, the mini moon is just a taste of a longer trip planned later, after the couple has had time to recover from wedding expenses and can afford to splurge (again). Either way, the post-wedding mini moon ritual is practical only if you travel to a destination that’s close and you can treat yourselves affordably. A few deals at these perfect-for-newlywed mini moon destinations could score you Cash Back at Rakuten and save you a fortune in the process.

California Wine Country

El Dorado Hotel and Spa Napa Valley

El Dorado Hotel

California wine country is the perfect long-weekend getaway. All you need is a few days away to get your fill of sun, wine and award-winning food in Sonoma and Napa. It’s the best way to wash away stress and make the fun and excitement last a little longer.

Stay in town for an adorable (and walkable) experience that gives you the best of the countryside without compromising convenience. Book the El Dorado Hotel in advance through Hotels.com for a great deal and a poolside brunch.

Sedona, Arizona

A Day in the West Jeep Adventure Sedona Arizona Living Social

A Day in the West Jeep Adventure

Amara Hotel Resort and Spa Sedona Arizona

Amara Resort and Spa

Sedona’s brilliant red rock formations are enough to awe any newlywed couple looking for a majestic, beautiful mini moon retreat. Find yourself on the A Day in the West Jeep adventure, or take a tour of the town’s wine, beer or art scenes. Then settle in at your room in the eco-friendly and secluded Amara Resort and Spa, tucked into your own mini Grand Canyon. Book with Hotwire.com to get a great midseason deal.

Quebec City, Canada

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac Quebec City

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

If you can’t do Paris right after the wedding, consider visiting its North American cousin, Quebec City. This Quebecois destination has a stone-walled fort and streets reminiscent of the old country, and you’ll hear a mix of languages on the street that will transport you to Europe. Stay at the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, a luxurious European-style hotel, to truly feel like you’re in a foreign land.

Key West, Florida

Key West Florida Sunset Cottages

Key West Sunset Key Cottages

Key West is ideal for achieving a romantic beach getaway without leaving the U.S. Post up on a quiet island to get your fill of bungalow living, snorkeling, diving, fresh fish dinners and unbeatable rum cocktails. Come to think of it, there’s nothing mini about Key West. Stay in a romantic ocean-side bungalow at Sunset Key Cottages, booked through Expedia for a great deal.


Bermuda Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa

Cambridge Beaches Resort and Spa

Just a two-hour flight from New York, Bermuda is a popular honeymoon spot for newlyweds on the East Coast. Its popularity shouldn’t be a put-off, however, since it’s still possible to find empty, pink-sand beaches and crystal-clear blue water. Stay in a cabana on one of four private beaches at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Cape, a Thompson Hotel Cabo San Lucas Mexico

The Cape, a Thompson Hotel

For those tying the knot on the West Coast or in the Southwest, Cabo could be perfect for a beach mini moon. Its local flair gives it that true honeymoon destination feeling, and you’ll relish endless beaches, mind-blowing al pastor street tacos and margaritas. Book ahead on Travelocity to stay at The Cape, a Thompson Hotel, perfect for ocean views and modern luxury.

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