15 Free College Apps to Make You a Star Student This Fall

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Whether you’re coming face to face with your first semester of college or you are a veteran academic, chances are you could use a little help getting in gear for all the long nights of cramming ahead of you. Not to mention, getting organized is a crucial element to surviving higher education. Check out this list of 15 completely free apps for school success including study apps and tools to manage the loads of information you will be taking in this fall. If you’re browsing through The App Store and find a paid version you can’t refuse, remember you can get it with Cash Back at Ebates!

image21. Studious – Never use a planner book again. Studious has your class schedule, assignment due dates, notes, campus map and more all in one place. It even silences your phone automatically when you are in your scheduled classes. No more embarrassing rings!

2. myHomework Student Planner – Another one of our favorite organizational school apps for students is the myHomework Student Planner, which is similar to Studious and lets you sync across multiple devices and your desktop.

3. Voice Recorder – Recording a lecture in class to be sure you don’t miss a beat is what makes Voice Recorders one of the best apps for college courses. Don’t splurge on a fancy digital recorder and use your phone, then easily download to your PC or store recordings on your cloud accounts for easy access.

4. Assignment Planner – Similar to project management software, Assignment Planner lets you prioritize assignments and school projects by due date so you can manage your time effectively. You can also keep track of your grades so you always have a handle on your GPA, no surprises come report card day.

5. Pocket – Get a head start on researching for that next term paper and store all of your online sources with Pocket. Videos, articles and more are kept all in one place for you to pore over later.

image16. Sparknotes – Sparknotes have long been a trusted resource of study guides for English students. Now there is finally an app where you can access helpful study guides on literature, poetry, drama, philosophy and the ever mind-scrambling works of Shakespeare.

7. My Class Schedule – Stay on top of your class schedule with a color-coated calendar, due date alerts and widgets to keep you informed with the slightest of glances to your phone.

8. Evernote – Those pesky team projects can be super hard to organize. Take the hassle out of keeping communication lines clear with the Evernote project management app. Create to-do lists, instant message with you team, sync to any device and clip images and text from anywhere on the Web.

9. Khan Academy – The Khan Academy app is, indeed, the ultimate study buddy. Math students can enjoy instant feedback and step-by-step instruction while tackling serious equations. Khan Academy also gives you access to videos and content on other fields of study including sciences and the humanities.

10. EasyBib – Everyone knows that one of the hardest and most tedious yet probably the harshest graded part of any term paper is the bibliography. Now you can easily generate citations in multiple formats including MLA, APA, Chicago and more. You can even scan a book’s barcode with your phone for all the information you need and send them directly to your email.

image311. Fast Scanner – Sharing class and lecture notes is now easier than ever. Simply use your phone’s camera to scan notes and convert into a PDF for easy sharing. Image editing tools can help you make documents easy to read so nothing will get lost in translation.

12. Scholarships.com – Finding college scholarships can be tough since the information on them is so widespread and hard to filter by your needs and qualifications. This app makes things a little easier with a sophisticated search function and a database containing more than 2.6 million scholarships and grants.

13. PhotoMath – Another great resource for math students, PhotoMath lets you scan and instantly calculate complicated math problems using your phone’s camera. This is not just a cheat sheet, however. The app gives you step-by-step instruction on how to solve the problem in real time like a normal human being.

14. Gojimo – Test prep can be stressful. Study up for a variety of entrance exams, SATs and more with Gojimo. Take practice tests and see where you need to brush up on your studies before the big day.

15. Dropbox – Dropbox is file sharing made simple. Share anything on your phone or mobile device easily with other user classmates or teachers or simply store it for easy syncing to your desktop.





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