3 Easy DIY Fantastic Beasts Costumes For Opening Night

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie

70 years before Harry Potter was swept off to Hogwarts, magizooligist Newt Scamander arrives in New York City where trouble is brewing for the wizarding community, threatening to expose them to the general public. To make matters worse, the magical creatures Newt has rescued and stowed carefully away in his dimension-defying suitcase have gotten loose. Can he and a pair of savvy sisters recapture these Fantastic Beasts before they cause too much chaos? You’ll have to see the movie to find out! But before you do, consider showing up to opening night as Newt, Queenie Goldstein, or Porpentina Goldstein in one of these 1920s-inspired DIY costumes. All pieces can easily fit into your fall wardrobe and come with Cash Back at Ebates! Which one has you counting the days until the biggest movie premier of the year?


blue trench coat

Blue Lapel Belt Waist Trench Coat, $29.90 (Choies)

Putting a feminine twist on this dapper look isn’t hard with this rich color palette. Plus, it’s cold out there. Time to invest in some long jackets!

 Mustard yellow womens denim vestMustard Yellow Womens Vest, $25 (Etsy)

A cute denim vest like this also looks great with your fall sweaters.

navy bow tie

Navy Bow Tie, $36 (Kohl’s)

We’re betting this little bow tie will make a fine re-gift for the holidays if it’s not totally your style. If it is, bonus!

wooden box vintage purse

Wooden Box Purse, $39.95 (Etsy)

Instead of lugging around a big leather case, opt for a cute box purse you can use for the rest of the season.


Satin pink duster

Alice Boutique Silky Duster, $52 (Boohoo.com)

The key to bubbly and friendly Queenie is her dainty pink coat, so start there with this sleek silky duster.

sheer pink blouse

LUCY Paris Blouse, $32 (YOOX)

This adorable pink blouse will make a great addition to your work wardrobe.

Rib Knit Wrap Dress

Rib Knit Wrap Dress, $59 (Nordstrom)

And who can’t use a wrap dress for…anything? They are truly the most versatile piece of clothing you could own.

Riva Women's Black High Heels

Riva Women’s High Heels, $49.99 (Kohl’s)

Sensible black pumps are every girlboss’ essential item.

Porpentina (Tina)

Heathered Bow Black Cloche

Heathered Bow Cloche, $78 (Brooks Brothers)

Thank goodness these precious little hats are back in style!

gray womens trench coat

Wool Blend Trench Coat, $149.90 (Nordstrom)

If the hat and this coat aren’t a match made in heaven, we don’t know what is.

white surplice blouse

Loveletter Surplice Blouse, $25 (Tobi

All you need is a plan cami underneath and you have a flowing blouse that is perfect for day-to-night.

black goucho pants

Sailor Gouchos, $20.40 (Dressbarn)

We absolutely love gouchos as a summer-to-fall transition piece since they look just as cute with flats as they do with tall boots.

brass ball locket necklace

Brass Ball Locket, $18 (Etsy)

Top it all off with a unique gold locket and you are full-blown Tina.

And the finishing touch…

wooden wizard wand

Wizard Wand, $24 (Etsy)

You didn’t think we would forget the wand, do you? One of these handmade cherry wood wands work for all three of these Fantastic Beasts costumes.

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