A Guide for Making the Most of Singles Day

Singles Day is the biggest shopping day in the entire world — even bigger than Black Friday. Never heard of it? That’s because it’s hosted mainly in China, with Hong Kong and Singapore only recently adopting the holiday. Originally, it was a male-exclusive day of celebration, since the high population of men in China made it difficult for many to find the right girl. So they set up the day as a way to celebrate being single and to have better chances finding love.

A Guide For Making the Most of Singles Day 2

Taking place November 11th, due to the symbolism of 11/11, this holiday brings in as much as $9 billion a year. But Singles Day is only just bleeding over to the Western world, and the savings aspect of shopping on that day hasn’t quite hit. It doesn’t need to. For you, Singles Day is a fantastic way to treat yourself right and remind yourself and your friends of all the advantages of singledom.

How Can You Make the Best of Singles Day?

  1. Use Singles Day to Find Love

It sounds like the opposite of the point, doesn’t it? But Singles Day is a great way to evaluate your relationship status and decide if you should make a change. If you’re committed to staying single, that’s great! Perhaps help one of your friends work up the courage to reach out to a match. But if you’re looking for love, work up your own courage and ask out someone you like, message someone on Tinder, or ask around for a blind date. Who knows? This could be the day your status changes.

  1. Take a “You” Day

Whether it’s going to the spa, taking the entire day to catch up on your favorite shows, treating yourself to those guilty pleasure snacks, or gaming until your eyes cross, Singles Day is about appreciating yourself and your value as a “whole,” not a “half.” So just as you’d love someone else to treat you right, treat yourself right, and make a commitment to having the most pampered day you can.

A Guide For Making the Most of Singles Day 1


  1. Hang out With Other Singles

It can get lonely for singles, so reach out to some of your friends and take the day to do something fun. You’ll brighten your spirits and brighten theirs as well, reminding each other that fun doesn’t have to come with a partner. Go to the park, go Pokémon hunting, or just stay at home and talk until the sun goes down. Whatever you do, make it fun.

  1. Buy Yourself a Gift

You would never let Valentine’s Day come and go without buying the one you love a gift, so don’t let Singles Day pass without buying yourself something nice!

  1. A Karaoke Night With Friends

You learn a lot about someone when you do karaoke — how well they can sing, how well they think they can sing, and if they really do improve with some liquid courage. It’s a great way to break the ice on a date, but it’s an even better way to create some funny stories and great moments with friends. Choose your favorite hole-in-the-wall for belting out your best or make that the after party once you finish a few glasses of luxury wine from Wine.com. The day is about you, so make it memorable!

Happy group of women on a girl's night out having fun karaoke singing


  1. A Good Movie With All Your Single Pals

Date nights are fun, but you can forget about the date — great company doesn’t have to be romantic, so grab your other single friends and treat yourselves to all the fun of a night out. Stock up on popcorn, decide who’s making the refill runs, and make it an entire night that reminds you of the good parts of being single. If you try out Dealflicks to see what sort of price cuts you could earn from the venture, you could even make it a full night of back-to-back movie watching.

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