Who Needs a Boyfriend When You’ve Got These Singles Day Deals

I’m sure you thought Black Friday was the biggest shopping day of the year, but last year, Singles Day dwarfed our beloved holiday with four times the amount of world wide sales. It’s not just a sale; it’s an event. Taylor Swift is the headliner for the Singles Day gala in Shanghai.

If you’re not already aware, Singles Day falls on Monday, November 11, representing the loneliest number, one. Starting as an anti-Valentine’s Day movement, it is now one of the best days to save money on the things you really want (all for yourself). 

But really, who needs a date when you can get a deal that won’t let you down?

Singles Day 2019 Sales and Deal Predictions


One of the few places that you’ll see select designer items 50% off. Some say even Gucci will be on sale that day. 


The UK brand with Japanese labeling will post a discount code for singles day around 25% off your purchase.

French Connection

Super chic clothes will be discounted 40%. Nordstrom Rack also carries discounted French Connection items.

Blue Nile

Gift yourself some bling— the jewelry company has been aligned with Singles Day sales for years.


e.l.f. Cosmetics

Check out their Facebook page for a surprise announcement and coupon code on 11/11.


The tech giant doesn’t want you to have to wait for Black Friday. Customers on their email flyer list will get a discount code for Single’s Day.

Happy Socks

Get 30% off selected items plus free shipping on your order.


Dubbed the Wish Weekend Exclusive, L’Occitane is offering its limited-edition Hand Cream Duo for only $11. Spend $111 and get a bonus 11-piece set that includes a free festive holiday tote bag. Lastly, you can enjoy free shipping on any $11 purchase. Use the L’Occitane coupon code WISH at checkout to redeem these offers.

Not sure which stores are offering Singles Day sales? Check Rakuten for the biggest online shopping sales and discount codes on 11/11, and by shopping with Rakuten you’ll get Cash Back, too.

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