These Birthday Party Themes Will Make You Mom of the Year

When it comes to party themes for kids, the possibilities are endless. You can go with their favorite movie, sport, activity, animal — you name it. Choosing party themes that are near and dear to your child’s heart is the easy part. Putting it all together is the real challenge.

Before you dive into party planning, take a look at these super cool birthday party themes that are definitely worth the extra effort. Keep in mind, you can get virtually everything you need to make childhood magic when you get Cash Back by shopping with Ebates. Shop Oriental TradingShindigzHobby Lobby, Party City and more for party decorations, invitations and all the finishing touches to make your celebration a hit.

Tween girls can be a bit harder to please, but we haven’t met one who doesn’t want to cover her life in emojis. Make sure these emoji cake toppers are at the top of your party-planning checklist since they are such a fun and easy accent for this theme. If you are going to have a photo backdrop, emojis also make great props or masks, especially against a backdrop decorated with celebration and balloon emojis.

Put that retro popcorn maker to good use and turn your backyard into a fair to remember. This theme makes activity planning a breeze. Just go with classic carnival games like beanbag toss for the younger kids and “shoot the balloon” for more mature guests. For food, bag up some popcorn and prep some corn dogs for satisfied bellies.

One year, it was mermaids, and this year, it’s magical unicorns. Not only does this party have the potential to look picture perfect, it’ll be a blast with glittery, rainbow treats in these enchanted forest treat bags to get all your guests excited. Have your kid wear a fun unicorn hat or crown as the magical birthday star, and you can even make designing this accessory as an activity for everyone at the party.

If your kid comes alive in the great outdoors, a camping party theme is perfect, especially for those summer birthdays. It’s also perfect for parents who want a healthier twist on the candy table since you can easily include trail mix fixings without a total revolt from the young party-goers. If you want to go all out, this s’mores kit is the way to go.

Is there any kid who doesn’t want to be a super hero? One of the most popular characters last year was Spider-Man. Colors are already decided for you, so decorate those snacks and juices to be fit for super heroes, such as fruit bowls that offer different powers and sports drinks that will increase their strength. Party favors and Spider-Man photo booth props are easy to do with masks of your kid’s super idol. Fill black balloons with colorful confetti to act as “bombs” that kids can pop to save the day. 

If your kid has a birthday in the warmer months, throw an ice cream party to keep everyone cool. Throw a party with an ice cream parlor theme, or just decorate the room with ice cream and topping decorations, like this fun ice cream piñata. Create a candy buffet filled with ice cream cones, candy and your kid’s favorite treats, or instead of a cake, create an ice cream sundae bar activity featuring your kid’s favorite flavors and toppings. Beware of the hyper kids to come, though!

If your kid is a fan of all things mobile, this theme is not going to help, but you will pretty much guarantee yourself a “Mom of the Year” award. Fill plastic trucks and trains with a variety of snacks, line up red, yellow and green candies on brownies to make traffic lights and tape several white balloons together to bring the clouds for your planes closer to your party. These wooden train whistles would make the best party favors. It’ll even be fun to make a train or car out of cardboard boxes for the kids to pose in. The possibilities are endless.

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