7 Super Cool Hobbies That Require Zero Skills

Coloring Pencils and Book

If you have ever wished you had a hobby but you know you’re too lazy to pursue one, this is your lucky day. While a two-week intensive course on beekeeping or private guitar lessons sound super fun (and you’d probably look amazing busting out the guitar solo from “Free Bird” in full protective bee gear), we’re betting those things are pretty pricey and require some natural ability, like, say, manual dexterity or a non-fear of bees (which is totes a skill). So let’s lower the bar just a tad and consider one of these easy and cheap hobbies. Ebates has everything you need to get into some majorly cool hobbies while you rack up some Cash Back.

Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation: If you can sit still and listen quietly to your own breath, you can meditate. Treat stress and get in touch with your body with only a few minutes of meditation a day. Up the ante by increasing your meditation time gradually and you’ll find your center in less time than you think. To help you get started, search for free meditation apps on your phone. Some provide calming sounds or voice direction to help you melt into your meditation practice.

Cat Coloring BookColoring: Coloring in adult coloring books, like this adorable one featuring calming cats, is another hobby for the overly stressed. All the hard work of illustrating is done for you, leaving you free to create with color and even tape it to the fridge if you do a gold-star job.

Podcasts on iPhonePodcasts: Now you can finally know what the heck all your friends have been talking about. Download podcasts for your car commute or morning train ride on any subject you choose. Go for popular podcasts like This American Life and Modern Love, or find top podcasts on special interests like history, pop culture, comedy and more.

REI Hiking BootsHiking: You don’t have to be an Eagle Scout to get into exploring local trails and landscapes. Hiking is for everyone, and all you need is a map and a good pair of boots like these Danner cascade boots from REI. REI also has a great blog and buyer’s guide so you can find the perfect footwear for your next trek.

Wooden Picture Frame

Upcycling: Even if you’ve never crafted or taken on a DIY project in your life, upcycling is as easy as it gets. Take the things you no longer use and give them new life with just a few supplies you can get at crafts stores like Michaels or Jo-Ann Fabric. To get you started, seek some inspiration from top blogs such as Upcycle That and ReFashionista.

Calligraphy Set

Calligraphy: In this digital age, you can easily stand apart from the pack by mastering the thank-you note and spiffing them up with some calligraphy. It’s easy to learn and incredibly calming. This starter kit from Etsy will provide everything you need to get scrawling in style.

Surfing the Internet

Blogging: Got some daily musings or rantings to share with the world? Build your own creative space while keeping your writing skills sharp by starting your own blog. WordPress has free blog templates, or you can create your own custom website with GoDaddy. Their site builder is easy to use, and web hosting is affordable for any budget.

Which of these hobbies piques your interest? Let us know with a comment below!



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