DIY Crashing Witch from Hoosier Homemade

Although I love decorating for Halloween, I like keeping the decorations more whimsical rather than scary. Our street is very popular for Trick-or-Treaters, in fact we usually have around 800 kids. Many of them are little children, keeping that in mind, we put out fun Halloween Decorations like the Crashing Witch.

With just a few simple supplies, you can create your own Crashing Witch!Crashing Witch Supplies

Green Fluorescent Paint {we bought Bright Neon Rust-Oleum}
2 cans Dow Great Stuff Insultaing Foam Sealant {you will use about 1+1/2 cans, depending on the size of your cauldron}
Spray bottle with water {not pictured}
2 limbs for the legs {we used about 2 inch in diameter, the more knots on the limbs the better}
Plastic bags and filler material
Newspapers to wrap Witchy up
Shoes or Boots {we found these at Goodwill, last year we used some of my old boots, any will work as long as they fit the limbs}

To learn how to make a Crashing Witch of your own, head on over to Hoosier Homemade for the full instructions.

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